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  1. Dirty player, no thank you. Will be a problem for whatever team signs him, not counting the overpriced deal he will come with.
  2. Look what I found this morning - Roger Staubach's hail mary game vs the Vikings with the actual drive.  




    Amazing how many times this drive nearly kills them...The low snaps, and one of them is even fumbled, and Staubach has to run around under pressure. 


    The 4th and 17 play is amazing, and then right after, BOOM hail mary to Drew Pearson. 


    Dallas almost upset the Steelers in the SB a few weeks later....Of all the Steelers SB's, it's the first one against Dallas that is usually regarded as the best...This wildcard Dallas team was such big underdogs, and almost upset the Steelers. Amazing team. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah that Ravens team was really Good. I am not so sure they wouldn't of won the SB had they got by us. They would've had HFA over the Pats. McNair had already made one SB. That game was a rare case where our Defense won the game and Peyton rode the D.

    3. Jules



      Manning had a rough game here and many will point to his stats as being ugly, but he did everything to get the win. I don't think it's fair to really talk about his ugly stats here as if it's negative. Favre used to have games like this often, where the stats would be ugly but all that matters is coming off with that win. 


      That Ravens D was #1 across the board that season. Many were saying "it's 2000 all over again". Most would also have assumed if you held our offense to zero TDs that we lose the game.


      I personally loved this game since it showed we could win in different ways finally and in a hostile environment to boot.


      I remember at the end of the game Manning did have a clutch third down conversion to Clark. And we ran the ball well to run out the clock instead of trying to play hero with the pass you know.....unlike the Falcons. lmao 



      I liked how the Colts defense played in this game. The commentators constantly mention how bad their run defense is, and yet they focused on shutting down the run entirely. 


      Our run D was money that entire postseason. Most don't realize just how bad it was during the regular season, dead last and we gave up 375 rushing yards to the Jaguars in a game.


      Just a really fun game in Baltimore, I remember not thinking we would ever lose the game either though while it was happening.

    4. Jules


      Interesting, new updates to the forum and now we have "reactions" for posts. lmao 

  3. Actually, the Pats weren't really punished harshly. They didn't have their head coach, GM, and several defensive players completely suspended just for something that happened 3 years ago prior. The Saints had the book thrown at them, all cause of a bunch of whiny babies in Minnesota couldn't handle losing a game where they turned the ball over 5 times. Every dynasty in NFL history gets accused of "cheating"... The Steelers of the 70's get accused of steroids...Mostly thanks to bitterness from a team they completely broke in the SB. Fran Tarkenton and Minnesota were so bitter years later, they were the ones that accused them of steroids first...The Vikings didn't say a word until 4 years after the fact, and Tarkenton hilariously accused Joe Greene of being on roids, even though Greene wasn't even on the team yet when they beat them in the SB...Notice something here??? Bitter team, who couldn't handle losing to them. The 70's Vikings also blamed the refs when they lost to Dallas by a hail mary, the infamous "Drew Pearson pushed off!"...Who would've guessed that this team would still be bitter losers come 2009 when they lose to the Saints. If internet existed back in the 80's and 90's, the 49ers would've been the most hated team in the league, and rightfully so...They practically bought a SB in 1994. Go pull up the 1994 49ers defense and count how many superstars that are on that roster just from free agency. That defensive roster literally looks like a pro bowl roster. They acquired not just one, but THREE All-Pro players in one off season, and then got to throw the bank at Deion Sanders and totally build up their defense in just one year. That team is the sole reason the salary cap was invented, cause this is what was happening without the cap; one team could just throw the bank at stars during the off season and completely rebuild overnight into a contender. No matter how much one hates the Pats or any team in the recent era, at least they didn't literally buy a SB like the 49ers did in 1994...That team was the biggest favorites in playoff history with around a 60% favorite chance, even in the SB, they had the highest favorites with 18 and a half points over San Diego. There's an unbeatable team that was literally constructed in one off season. The late 90's Broncos repeat team also abused the salary cap just like the 49ers did. Terrell Davis and Elway took money under the table to finance a defense that included mostly star power they picked up in the off season. Deflategate was hands down, the dumbest manufactured controversy in recent history...The Colts got beat down so bad in that game...At least the Vikings can cling to losing in OT to the Saints in all the whining they did over Bountygate, but Deflategate was a big epic blow out. The air in the balls wasn't going to put 40 points on the board for the other team. I know this place loves to try and put the Pats on the stake, but Spygate and Deflategate was as much speculation as Bountygate. The more you believe it, the more it seems true to you...At the end of the day, every dynasty in the history of the NFL has been accused of cheating by bitter fans that couldn't handle their team losing during those runs. I'm sure fans who hate the Colts can point the finger at something too....
  4. That's judging him by his stats...He was awful in games last year. Take away that Denver defense, he would've had a 3-13 record. Any QB can have decent stats in today's pass happy era. Ryan Tannehill is terrible, and yet he puts up OK numbers too.
  5. This is why Calvin Johnson retired. Stuff like this...Stafford's fantasy stats may be impressive, but the bigger picture is quite bleak. Stafford is - 5-46 against teams with a winning record. That record is very bad, especially when you compare to other QB's; Aaron Rodgers is 21-29, Drew Brees is 20-48, Matt Ryan is 17-22, Russell Wilson is 19-12, and Tom Brady is untouchable with a 50-33 record. 0-3 in the playoffs - all wildcard berths and they ended the same way; absolutely destroyed by New Orleans in 2011, choked against Dallas in 2014, and just recently, got destroyed again this time by Seattle in 2016. In 8 seasons, he has never even reached the divisional round. His best winning record was barely going 11-5 in 2014...a season that ended with them getting slaughtered in Green Bay before choking a week later to Dallas in the wildcard. Last year Detroit was one of the worst teams ever to reach the post season on a historical level. They won 9 games, and of 9, a total of 8 of them were decided by 7 or less points. In their losses, most of them were blow outs that made their point differential very bad. They went 9-7, yet they could've easily been a 2-14 team. This team is going nowhere, especially after this. There is nothing that can justify Stafford getting paid this outrageous money just cause his fantasy numbers are great. Enjoy those fantasy stats, cause they aren't winning anything any time soon.
  6. The Panthers already beat them to that, with their Cam the Scam tank job from 2010
  7. Totally agree. They lose the SB if not for Edleman's catch that was nearly, and probably could've been totally intercepted. Edleman had some other big plays in that game. This is going to hurt them, and given how Brandin Cooks never lived up to the hype and expectations in NOLA to justify what we gave up to get him in the first round of the 2014 draft (and then got a crappy attitude this past year), I don't see Cooks properly replacing Edleman for them unless he greatly matures and steps up his game.
  8. Did you watch any Saints games last year? Cooks struggles when you put a decent corner on him or just play him man to man with physical contact. You are correct, he don't like contact, and has never been able to overcome this problem...He's not a receiver who is going to catch risky passes in coverage like Edleman did with that big circus catch in the SB (Pats lose the SB if not for that). He never did that stuff in New Orleans. The Panthers used to shut him down quick just by using Like Kuechley and Josh Norman. After Cooks lit them up early in the season, they completely shut him down in the second divisional game just by using Luke on him. His YAC is high because he's most useful as a slot receiver. Most of his big plays are just screens and short passes...The only time you seen him last year get a long TD, was when there was blown coverage (Raiders and Panthers games). Cooks stats are pretty, but so are a lot of receivers. Allen Robinson had a 1,400 yard receiving year in Jacksonville recently, and I imagine that would've been much higher with Brees throwing to him. The Saints got rid of him cause last year he got outplayed by rookie Michael Thomas who was making the big catches down field in tight coverage, and was able to go man to man with corners and safeties and still make catches in contested coverage. Check the Rams and 49ers games where Michael Thomas absolutely went off on those teams and looked like a vintage Marques Colston. Cooks in 3 years never did any of this stuff, and Sean Payton gave him every role he could to try and make him the #1 receiver. He was meant to replace Marques Colston and failed on every expectation we had, and then had the nerve to complain about not getting enough passes thrown to him last year once it became apparent that Michael Thomas was becoming one of Brees' favorite targets. He's going to look like a stud in NE's system where he will most likely be a slot receiver in their dink and dunk offense. But this idea that he's going to be the next Randy Moss is absolutely laughable. Cooks outside the slot isn't a threat...
  9. Lynch must be a complete bust that he loses the starting job again to Trevor something, who was down right awful last year.
  10. You forgot the part where McGregor is the one who thought he could box...Mayweather didn't go to MMA declaring he's some great fighter and could beat a champion. This is on McGregor...Next time, he shouldn't rush to a sport he has no training in just cause he fights MMA...He didn't want to be a boxer and work his way up. His ego is so big, he went straight for a champion and got made into a joke. I'm not biased against him...He's an *, and got made into one tonight. Anyone that studies boxing knew very well he was going to get beat, and this was so predictable. I called a TKO...Most Mayweather fights are slow like this. I take it that you've never watched any of his fights. He toys with his opponents early on, and then unleashes around the later rounds...Mayweather fights his way, and mostly is giving people their money's worth. There is never fast knock outs in his fights. I love how everyone keeps bringing up MMA. Totally different sport and irrelevant since McGregor is the one who went into boxing thinking he was something just cause of his MMA record...Mayweather was going to murder him tonight until that fight was called. Yes, he made Mayweather look like a king tonight...He hasn't been able to work someone over that bloody in years, and thanks to this clown, he was able to. Maybe now that he got the beating he deserved, his ego can go down and he can be a normal person again...I'm so glad this guy lost, cause he definitely deserved it after calling him a monkey.
  11. Pacquacio sold more tickets than McGregor could've.... You must not watch many of Mayweather's fights...They're all like this. He goes slow, pretty much gives viewers their money's worth with his defensive strategy and lets the other fighter wear themselves out trying to hit him, and then he unleashes on them in the later rounds. If Mayweather wasn't so despicable and vile, he would be fun to watch cause his fighting strategy and mind tactics are interesting. McGregor got his butt kicked tonight. That last round was a true beating. Had that fight not been stopped, Mayweather would've killed him tonight. All this "He wouldn't last a round in MMA!" it don't matter...McGregor is the one who spent the last two months with his racist comments, calling Floyd a monkey, and saying "dance for me boy!"...if Mayweather himself wasn't so despicable, everyone would've loved seeing this racist clown get beat to a blood pulp. McGregor needs to stay in MMA, cause he was just begging to get beat down and it happened...He was a complete fool thinking he could go up against a master at strategy...Thanks to him, Floyd looked like a KING in his 40's tonight.
  12. LOL...Mayweather fights are usually slow like this...He is a very defensive boxer who likes to pick his opponents apart in the later rounds. Just cause McGregor is an MMA fight didn't mean he was going to make a good boxer. His ego has been through the roof all year, and hopefully Mayweather just gave him a good humbling. This fight went just the way we all predicted it to go....McGregor got paid...There used to be a joke about getting paid millions to fight Tyson and that's what this fight literally was. So glad I did not waste 100 dollars on it.
  13. He sure looked amazing tonight against the Saints. Can't believe i can actually say that sarcastically!!!
  14. Wow, the Saints defense has looked good for two preseason games...I almost want to get excited now. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Packers are due that is what is funny. Tommy, plastic surgery? I just thought it was his diet of Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, and Spinach or what ever it is that keeps him looking young. lmao That would be great if someone seen him out in public eating a BigMac haha 

    3. Synthetic



      I am never picking Green Bay to win again. Not after 2014 when they had a gift wrapped playoff game handed to them vs Dallas, then a week later put up the greatest choke job ever in an NFCCG game. This is a team that can't even win when the other QB gifts them 5 interceptions...


      This past off season, their defense got worse...That's usually what costs them in the playoffs every year besides Rodgers getting outplayed by other QB's. I don't trust the Packers at all...Only way they get in is if the entire NFC regresses, and they have some year like 2010 where they get a perfect match in every playoff game. 


      This happens every year though...GB is the favorites every summer and it always ends the same way with a big epic blow out. I knew that whole week leading up to the NFCCG that Atlanta was going to beat them to pieces...I could just feel it. 

    4. Synthetic



      I think I am going to roll with Seattle as a safe pick...I trust them a hell lot more than I do GB even though they're a team that is regressing...The Packers can't even beat them in a playoff game where Wilson easily give them 5 interceptions. That's why I have no faith in GB...If not for Atlanta, we would still be talking about that 2014 NFCCG as the perfect choke job...


      I've felt for the past 2 years we were going to get a Seahawks/Pats SB rematch. I am probably totally wrong, but it just feels like a safer pick. 


      The Saints aren't contenders even if they do have a good season. My gut tells me the saints go 10-6 or 11-5 and I am usually very negative about their chances...This team just feels so much better to me right now, I don't know what it is. But the Panthers concern me cause they're so unpredictable and usually when they're under the radar, that's when they have that special 11-5 season where they come out of nowhere and take it. 


      The Giants are another team that is hyped up like GB every year, and I don't see it happening for them either. Their best player is a baby who completely loses his mind the minute a corner can play physical with him....Coughlin isn't there anymore, so any wish that Odell matures and stops imitating Andre Rison, Terrell Owens and Steve Smith, that ain't gonna happen...Odell will be the death of that team, and I don't feel sorry for them at all.


      Seattle and GB are safe picks cause they play in god awful divisions. This will be yet another year a mediocre Packers team wins the NFC North cause it's the new AFC South, and Seattle will cruise to an easy division win since no one in the NFC West is competent to give them issues except the Rams who will probably sweep them and still go 6-10.

  15. Hogan ripped the Steelers to pieces in the AFCCG. He had the same number of production that Julio had vs Green Bay in the NFCCG that same day.
  16. Don't tell their fans that. They think they're going to go back and win it That SB loss is already mentally breaking them....Shanahan became a decent scapegoat, but now you have Freeman insisting he should've been SB MVP, and Quinn has done a lot of silly things so far this off season freaking out over it. The clock thing was the funniest so far. I don't think Atlanta is going to get another shot like this. Also the first year that they were 100% healthy all year. Julio Jones often gets injured through out the year, and they battle injuries often.
  17. Brandin Cooks is a slot receiver at best. If they dare try using him the way they did Moss, like all the hype has built up over him, they're going to be greatly disappointed...Cooks struggled so much in New Orleans with every other role Payton gave him besides the slot position. I could end up being totally wrong and maybe the Pats do turn him into a truly lethal receiver, but out here in NOLA, Cooks wasn't all that great when he was outside the slot. His biggest issue was always in coverage where would get straight up abused by defenders playing tight spaces to him. He got outplayed thoroughly by rookie Michael Thomas last year, who could make hard catches in coverage.
  18. Kizer looked great in the first preseason game against the Saints 3rd stringers....but it's still preseason. Let's see how week 1 turns out and then we may know if he's something or not.
  19. Wish there was a LOVE button instead of a like button. The Falcons meltdown this year is going to be absolutely glorious. I can't wait to see them stumble to that inevitable 6-10 record while still singing the blues about how they should've won the SB.
  20. Get ready for Brandin Cooks to have to step up his game with NE now....We're about to see if he is really going to live up to all the hype about him being the next Randy Moss.
  21. That has happened before with the Jets. Can't get over the end of that video where they're chanting "We want Sapp!" That was before internet and yet the fans back then had it right over this team.
  22. Going to have to slightly disagree with you on that one....David Carr's sack numbers are still the worst when it comes to punishment QB's take. Archie Manning and Patriots era Jim Plunkett are probably runner ups in that debate.
  23. What's even funnier is that Sieman was an upgrade to Manning last year....They'll never admit it, but he played the Trent Dilfer role exceptionally well being carried by a defense every step of the way... Peyton is never going to be beloved in Denver like he is Indy...Elway is God there, and Peyton really is just a product of Elway to them...Peyton didn't go there on his own. They see Elway for winning the Peyton sweepstakes. The year they won the SB, he had the absolute worst TD/INT ratio of a SB winning QB. They were winning games that year with Brock, and it bothered the hell out of the fans on here... To Peyton's credit, he at least acknowledges this and jokes about Denver's defense carrying him to his second ring. If anyone was lucky in Denver, it was Peyton for having that defense carry him. No ring #2 if not for Von Miller and that defense....Sorry, but no. Their fans are never going to love him as much as Colts fans do, cause they didn't even really need him in 2015 when that defense was doing 100% of the work. Manning was far more essential to the Colts during their runs.
  24. That hit was legal. OBJ is a huge baby and I don't see anyone complaining about him mouthing off and getting physical after contact, and he does it all the time...The Josh Norman incident proved how easy it is to mentally break him with trash talk and good cover, cause he's so used to getting his way. Typical, wide receivers with big mouths can do whatever they want and you can't hit them. OBJ is lucky he is a wide receiver, cause if he was a corner, he would get called dirty every time, like he should've been after the Josh Norman incident. Norman proved how easy he is to frustrate and drive him into penalties. He had a lot of offensive pass interference calls last year and fines...and maybe if he didn't go party on a boat in Miami before the playoffs, he could've focused on catching the ball and probably beating a mediocre Packers team in the wildcard round. This is what is ruining football...Diva wide receivers and the rules have been changed so much that they can practically do whatever they want. Every big hit on a receiver gets debated if it was dirty or not. You can't even really tackle them physically anymore without horse collar and pass interference penalties... This hit was legal, but because OBJ is a big baby, it's being debated. OBJ puts his hands all over defensive backs and it's all OK cause he's an offensive player. Defense can't do nothing without getting flags everywhere these days. I wish so hard the NFC East was like it was back in the early 90's and to see OBJ have to deal with true physical defenses. If Norman could frustrate him that easily, then Eric Allen and Andre Waters would break him mentally after just one game against the old Eagles...The 90's Cowboys defenses with Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson would've frustrated him too with some good hits...
  25. Since 2002, the AFC South has consistently been the worst division in all of football. This was the year the realignment happened, before that you had Tennessee and Jacksonville in the Central, and the Colts used to play in the AFC East. I'm judging it by that, so yes I can use the Jets past success to make a case on a historical scale. The AFC South has never sent another team into the AFCCG. If Houston could ever get a QB, that might change...Houston is the team that should be dominating that division, but it all comes down to the QB situation. I expect the AFC South to still be horrible this season. It will be won at a 9-7 record or maybe even 8-8...It might be more competitive than the AFC East, but that's only cause the Colts aren't the dominating powerhouse of the bad division like they used to be. Most of the bashing to the AFC East is just cause the Pats have dominated it so easily in recent years...even though the Colts did the exact same thing with a worse division during Manning's prime.. Most teams that go on a run like that dominating their division for over a decade like the Colts and Pats have done, often benefit from it being weak at times...The Buffalo Bills of the 90's dominated a horrible AFC East too where their only competition was Dan Marino who never could beat them late in the season or in the playoffs. The 49ers of the old days, always had it easy in the old NFC West even when teams like the Rams and Saints would make the playoffs, they would still win the division at a 13-3 or 14-2 record.
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