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  1. 2 hours ago, GoPats said:


    I remember watching the game and thinking, "What are they doing?" in that 4th quarter as time was ticking away. It was terrible clock management on the largest possible stage. 




    Yeah, same here. It had been a long time since I originally watched the game, so I had to go back to it. 


    I originally thought that McNabb had thrown a pick and NE scored off that. I clearly had forgotten how the Pats had scored on their own with a great drive, THEN McNabb threw the pick and let them run the clock. 


    That final drive for scoring was just terrible...It was like they didn't even care anymore, they burned around 5-6 minutes off that clock before scoring. I think it was at 1:40 on the clock past the two minute warning when they finally did score.


    McNabb's picks were bad too. He had chances to really try and make big plays, and he went with short yardage passing, really disappointing. 


    I forgot how well the Eagles defense played that game. Of all the NE Super Bowl wins, it was the Eagles defense who did the best job. They did a better job than Seattle a few years ago. They even got some turnovers early on and were doing a brilliant job keeping NE's offense shut down. 


    I'm requesting this to be locked by an administrator. Not because it's yet another Patriots thread and is bashing, but because it's bashing a city and targeting them over a different sport and simply beating the dead horse of yelling "cheaters". We can talk about New England as a team, without bashing the city of Boston and it's people. This is low and you know it, we are better than this.

  3. On 9/3/2017 at 4:36 PM, eseae said:

    Ive been a colts fan for along time, but I also recognize greatness when I see it. what the pats have done will never be duplicated.


    our team was right there with them and fell by the wayside........yet we all applaud everything they do. we are like pats fans with our blind loyalty, except we give it to those who don't deserve it....  


    We as fans have no control over what our teams do....As much as we would like to think otherwise, we don't....


    I rewatched the Eagles/Pats SB this past summer, first time in over 10 years...oh boy, I forgot how bad this was in the 4th quarter. 


    Reid and McNabb manged that clock so poorly when they needed to score. They ran down like 5 whole minutes, getting down past the 2 minute warning before scoring a TD...I busted out laughing so hard when Andy Reid threw the challenge flag to challenge a 4 yard completion like it was going to do anything.


    I had forgotten how well the Eagles defense played in the SB. It was a tight game up until the 4th quarter when they let NE get the go ahead TD to seal the game...But there was still enough time left to try and do something to tie it. The Eagles defense did come out to play and did everything to hold the Pats down, but by the 4th quarter, they were wearing out...


    That 4th quarter clock management comes down to both of them. McNabb played poorly in that game and deserved criticism, but that's on coach and QB for the final drive they scored on. There was absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. McNabb had so many chances to try and gun a big play and get down field, and he just dinks and dunks it....no sense of hurry up offense or anything, they just burned that clock down and pretty much helped NE seal the deal. 


    Only one prediction worth noting - Green Bay isn't winning the Super Bowl. Green Bay isn't winning the NFC either....You all know how this story ends every year...


    In before Bloody Champ arrives to tell you this, he's the only one on here year in year out who knows Green Bay is an average team who benefits from playing the NFC version of the AFC South. 

  6. On 9/2/2017 at 9:34 AM, NFLfan said:

    If the Vikings ever win the Super Bowl, I bet you people will accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper. That is what fans say about the Seahawks fans. But really, who cares. Whether they are long-time fans or bandwagoners, why do others care? 


    Don't worry...They're not ever winning one. The NFL gods absolutely hate Minnesota, and the world is a better place because of it.


    At most, they'll reach the NFCCG again in a few years and lose in a close game that inspires their whiny team to blame it on something rather than accepting that they got beaten. It will be the fault of the Drew Pearson pushing off and not getting a pass interference call or Gary Anderson or Bountygate, or just something since they can never just lose on their own, it's always someone else's fault! The NFL gods absolutely hate them and that's wonderful! 



  7. 13 hours ago, Coltsman1788 said:


    His stats don't support that he stinks or that he is unworthy of a 2nd or 3rd string QB role in today's NFL.  That is the point.  There are much worse QBs out there holding clipboards this year. If he is asking for more money than teams are willing to pay that's one thing but the whole distraction bit like Riker1 says is a worn out excuse.  There are marginal players still in this league who have of done much worse.  Heck Riley Cooper was filmed making a racial slur in 2013 and went on to play that season and a couple more after that without near the backlash that Colin is getting. 

    Colin Kaepernick Stats

    Regular Season | Postseason

    Passing Stats  
    2011 3 3 5 60.0 35 7.00 0 19 0 0 76.4 81.3
    2012 13 136 218 62.4 1,814 8.32 10 57 3 2 75.3 98.3
    2013   16 243 416 58.4 3,197 7.69 21 64 8 3 68.1 91.6
    2014 16 289 478 60.5 3,369 7.05 19 80 10 3 67.7 86.4
    2015 9 144 244 59.0 1,615 6.62 6 76 5 1 46.5 78.5
    2016 12 196 331 59.2 2,241 6.77 16 65 4 7 55.5 90.7
    Career 69 1,011 1,692 59.8 12,271 7.25 72 80 30 16 --











    Check the stats for the 49ers defense in Kaep's first 3 years. He didn't get there on his own. This team went 13-3 and won a playoff game with Alex Smith. That defense was in the top 5 every year between 2011 to 2014. These same arguments can be made for Russell Wilson, who everyone thinks is an elite QB even though he's been very average in his career depending on a defense to carry him.


    Kaep got exposed late in 2012 and was never the same again. People are forgetting how bad he was in 2014, and 2015, and if it weren't for his political stuff, no one would be talking about him getting screwed. i support his right for freedom of speech, but that don't take away that he's a very mediocre quarterback. 


    Go watch the SB he played in....Baltimore had him completely shut down UNTIL the power outage completely took away their momentum. Baltimore was cruising to a blow out in that SB, it would've been something like 41 to 10 or worse if the power don't go out and take away the big momentum they had. 


    Counter point - check Ryan Tannehill's stats. He's one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, and yet he has nice stats too from time to time. 


    Would love to go this year without hearing Colin Kaepernick's name every week since he's not even signed to an NFL team and while we can debate about his play last year, he still looked awful in a number of games to the point I wouldn't want him as my starting QB (he got benched for Blaine freaking Gabbert, so he can't be that great anymore). Everyone has an opinion on it and that's fine, but at this point, it's old and worn out and I would be happy to move on from him. 

  9. On 8/29/2017 at 7:47 PM, BlueShoe said:

    My honest opinion. 


    I believe that Pagano has to get this team to the playoffs or it's over for him in Indy.




    I think the best head coach the Indianapolis Colts can hire is David Shaw. Team him back up with Luck. Build a running game, and let Luck finally have an opportunity to control a game, instead always having to fight to come back.


    Should've fired him this past year when they pushed Grigson out the door. If the Colts have a losing season, it's not a complete loss if he's finally fired since he definitely has wore out his welcome...


    Wish you guys could've hired Sean McDermott. He was largely responsible for the Panthers defensive success in 2013 and 2015. Probably going to be a good defensive coach in Buffalo in the upcoming years...

  10. 46 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:

    Both of those other scandals were in fact "cheating", just taking the standard definition of the word into account. And they were punished harshly both times for those minor things every team is doing.


    Yeah, I guess if you don't count the two times they were caught cheating it's hard to justify calling them cheaters, lol.


    Unfortunately they count.


    Actually, the Pats weren't really punished harshly. They didn't have their head coach, GM, and several defensive players completely suspended just for something that happened 3 years ago prior. The Saints had the book thrown at them, all cause of a bunch of whiny babies in Minnesota couldn't handle losing a game where they turned the ball over 5 times. 


    Every dynasty in NFL history gets accused of "cheating"...


    The Steelers of the 70's get accused of steroids...Mostly thanks to bitterness from a team they completely broke in the SB. Fran Tarkenton and Minnesota were so bitter years later, they were the ones that accused them of steroids first...The Vikings didn't say a word until 4 years after the fact, and Tarkenton hilariously accused Joe Greene of being on roids, even though Greene wasn't even on the team yet when they beat them in the SB...Notice something here??? Bitter team, who couldn't handle losing to them. The 70's Vikings also blamed the refs when they lost to Dallas by a hail mary, the infamous "Drew Pearson pushed off!"...Who would've guessed that this team would still be bitter losers come 2009 when they lose to the Saints. 


    If internet existed back in the 80's and 90's, the 49ers would've been the most hated team in the league, and rightfully so...They practically bought a SB in 1994. Go pull up the 1994 49ers defense and count how many superstars that are on that roster just from free agency. That defensive roster literally looks like a pro bowl roster. They acquired not just one, but THREE All-Pro players in one off season, and then got to throw the bank at Deion Sanders and totally build up their defense in just one year. That team is the sole reason the salary cap was invented, cause this is what was happening without the cap; one team could just throw the bank at stars during the off season and completely rebuild overnight into a contender. 


    No matter how much one hates the Pats or any team in the recent era, at least they didn't literally buy a SB like the 49ers did in 1994...That team was the biggest favorites in playoff history with around a 60% favorite chance, even in the SB, they had the highest favorites with 18 and a half points over San Diego. There's an unbeatable team that was literally constructed in one off season. 


    The late 90's Broncos repeat team also abused the salary cap just like the 49ers did. Terrell Davis and Elway took money under the table to finance a defense that included mostly star power they picked up in the off season. 


    Deflategate was hands down, the dumbest manufactured controversy in recent history...The Colts got beat down so bad in that game...At least the Vikings can cling to losing in OT to the Saints in all the whining they did over Bountygate, but Deflategate was a big epic blow out. The air in the balls wasn't going to put 40 points on the board for the other team. 


    I know this place loves to try and put the Pats on the stake, but Spygate and Deflategate was as much speculation as Bountygate. The more you believe it, the more it seems true to you...At the end of the day, every dynasty in the history of the NFL has been accused of cheating by bitter fans that couldn't handle their team losing during those runs. I'm sure fans who hate the Colts can point the finger at something too....







  11. 13 hours ago, Myles said:

    Siemian was far from Awful last season.   He started 14 games (first 14 of his career). 

    Completed 60% of his passes.  18 TD's and 10 INT's.  85% QB rating.


    I think any team would take that for a QB's 1st year starting. 


    That's judging him by his stats...He was awful in games last year. Take away that Denver defense, he would've had a 3-13 record. 


    Any QB can have decent stats in today's pass happy era. Ryan Tannehill is terrible, and yet he puts up OK numbers too. 


    This is why Calvin Johnson retired. Stuff like this...Stafford's fantasy stats may be impressive, but the bigger picture is quite bleak. 


    Stafford is - 


    5-46 against teams with a winning record. That record is very bad, especially when you compare to other QB's; Aaron Rodgers is 21-29, Drew Brees is 20-48, Matt Ryan is 17-22, Russell Wilson is 19-12, and Tom Brady is untouchable with a 50-33 record.


    0-3 in the playoffs - all wildcard berths and they ended the same way; absolutely destroyed by New Orleans in 2011, choked against Dallas in 2014, and just recently, got destroyed again this time by Seattle in 2016. In 8 seasons, he has never even reached the divisional round. 


    His best winning record was barely going 11-5 in 2014...a season that ended with them getting slaughtered in Green Bay before choking a week later to Dallas in the wildcard. 



    Last year Detroit was one of the worst teams ever to reach the post season on a historical level. They won 9 games, and of 9, a total of 8 of them were decided by 7 or less points. In their losses, most of them were blow outs that made their point differential very bad. They went 9-7, yet they could've easily been a 2-14 team. This team is going nowhere, especially after this. There is nothing that can justify Stafford getting paid this outrageous money just cause his fantasy numbers are great. Enjoy those fantasy stats, cause they aren't winning anything any time soon. 





  13. On 8/26/2017 at 1:10 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I think people are underestimating how great Edleman is. Yeah BB can plug in John Doe or whoever and make it work TO AN EXTENT but I think this is a bad loss for the Pats. I think he is more valuable than Gronk actually with the Roster they have. The Pats can get away with winning without Gronk because a lot of what Tom does he is quick hitters to Edleman and speed guys, Edleman had sure hands too, better than Welker IMO.


    Totally agree. They lose the SB if not for Edleman's catch that was nearly, and probably could've been totally intercepted. Edleman had some other big plays in that game. 


    This is going to hurt them, and given how Brandin Cooks never lived up to the hype and expectations in NOLA to justify what we gave up to get him in the first round of the 2014 draft (and then got a crappy attitude this past year), I don't see Cooks properly replacing Edleman for them unless he greatly matures and steps up his game. 

  14. On 8/26/2017 at 7:04 AM, Finball said:


    I disagree. Cooks didn't struggle in every other role besides the slot, more like the opposite. He's not a great YAC machine despite his speed and he doesn't like contact. Outside deep threat is where he worked the best. Press can work on him but not many corners have the foot speed to recover if they fail to press him good.


    Did you watch any Saints games last year? Cooks struggles when you put a decent corner on him or just play him man to man with physical contact. You are correct, he don't like contact, and has never been able to overcome this problem...He's not a receiver who is going to catch risky passes in coverage like Edleman did with that big circus catch in the SB (Pats lose the SB if not for that). He never did that stuff in New Orleans. The Panthers used to shut him down quick just by using Like Kuechley and Josh Norman. After Cooks lit them up early in the season, they completely shut him down in the second divisional game just by using Luke on him. 


    His YAC is high because he's most useful as a slot receiver. Most of his big plays are just screens and short passes...The only time you seen him last year get a long TD, was when there was blown coverage (Raiders and Panthers games). Cooks stats are pretty, but so are a lot of receivers. Allen Robinson had a 1,400 yard receiving year in Jacksonville recently, and I imagine that would've been much higher with Brees throwing to him.


    The Saints got rid of him cause last year he got outplayed by rookie Michael Thomas who was making the big catches down field in tight coverage, and was able to go man to man with corners and safeties and still make catches in contested coverage. Check the Rams and 49ers games where Michael Thomas absolutely went off on those teams and looked like a vintage Marques Colston. 


    Cooks in 3 years never did any of this stuff, and Sean Payton gave him every role he could to try and make him the #1 receiver. He was meant to replace Marques Colston and failed on every expectation we had, and then had the nerve to complain about not getting enough passes thrown to him last year once it became apparent that Michael Thomas was becoming one of Brees' favorite targets. 


    He's going to look like a stud in NE's system where he will most likely be a slot receiver in their dink and dunk offense. But this idea that he's going to be the next Randy Moss is absolutely laughable. Cooks outside the slot isn't a threat...


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