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  1. I only know of him from the Tecmo Super Bowl games.... The Colts on those games have JEFF GEORGE who is a pick throwing machine if you're playing with them or against them. Potts also is a fumble machine too in that game. I usually swap him for Rodney Culver. Most INT's I ever threw with George by playing as the Colts - 4, vs the Buffalo Bills and lsot 31-17 since one of them was a pick six. Most INT's caught by playing against the Colts - 6!!! Rod Woodson is the Tecmo Super Bowl god, and Darren Perry and Carnel Lake had some bomb interceptions thrown to them in that same game.
  2. Don't forget Bill B's coaching in the 1990 SB vs the Buffalo Bills. Most people only remember Scott Norwood's missed field goal at the end (Even though Norwood was only 1 for 5 from 40 yards out, meaning this was a long shot to begin with), but they leave out the fact that the Giants had to crawl out of a 9 point hole, and they had the #1 ranked offense in the league shut down that entire game to just 19 points. Buffalo had not converted a third down all day long until that final drive where Thurman Thomas took off. It's always amazing to go back to that SB cause the entire lead up was how the Giants were old and their best players were near retirement and Buffalo's offense was supposed to be too much for them, and then they shocked the world with shutting them down. As for Holmgren, I'm still bitter he left Favre behind to go get a gig in Seattle. If Holmgren stays, I think Favre would've at least made it back to the SB and not been handcuffed down to Mike Sherman and McCarthy's bad coaching.
  3. Oh yes, definitely. I should've mentioned T.O., he played phenomenal in this game. Despite how bad his quarterback had been screwing up, he still had a terrific game. I liked the Pats pass rush early in this game. Bruschi was all over McNabb and on the first drive, there was a fumble that Reid challenged that I thought looked questionable and should've went to the Pats, but it was objective and I can see how people would argue against it. The 2004 Pats are IMO their best team out of all the SB winning ones. I know most are going point to 2007 and the recent team, but it's something about the 2004 team that scares me a lot more than any of their other teams. I favor their defense on the 2004 team over some of the other NE teams.
  4. Completely different era and they were an expansion team. New Orleans and Atlanta were punching bags for the whole NFL too in their very first seasons. Expansion teams being awful hasn't really changed in recent years either. The new Browns starting in 1999 were terrible, as were the Texans in their inaugural season. The Panthers and Jaguars are an exception to post winning seasons in their second years. The Jets seem to have a long history of doing this...
  5. The Sixers are pretty hyped up right now with all their first round picks, so it might go their way. It definitely helped San Antonio when they got Duncan.
  6. And yet teams still tank in there. Right now, the Atlanta Hawks are setting themselves up for full tank. The Lakers were doing it a few years ago, San Antonio had the most blatant one back in the 90's when they tanked to get Duncan.
  7. True here. You can tank in the NBA, but it's harder in the NFL.
  8. Yeah, same here. It had been a long time since I originally watched the game, so I had to go back to it. I originally thought that McNabb had thrown a pick and NE scored off that. I clearly had forgotten how the Pats had scored on their own with a great drive, THEN McNabb threw the pick and let them run the clock. That final drive for scoring was just terrible...It was like they didn't even care anymore, they burned around 5-6 minutes off that clock before scoring. I think it was at 1:40 on the clock past the two minute warning when they finally did score. McNabb's picks were bad too. He had chances to really try and make big plays, and he went with short yardage passing, really disappointing. I forgot how well the Eagles defense played that game. Of all the NE Super Bowl wins, it was the Eagles defense who did the best job. They did a better job than Seattle a few years ago. They even got some turnovers early on and were doing a brilliant job keeping NE's offense shut down.
  9. I'm requesting this to be locked by an administrator. Not because it's yet another Patriots thread and is bashing, but because it's bashing a city and targeting them over a different sport and simply beating the dead horse of yelling "cheaters". We can talk about New England as a team, without bashing the city of Boston and it's people. This is low and you know it, we are better than this.
  10. We as fans have no control over what our teams do....As much as we would like to think otherwise, we don't....
  11. I rewatched the Eagles/Pats SB this past summer, first time in over 10 years...oh boy, I forgot how bad this was in the 4th quarter. Reid and McNabb manged that clock so poorly when they needed to score. They ran down like 5 whole minutes, getting down past the 2 minute warning before scoring a TD...I busted out laughing so hard when Andy Reid threw the challenge flag to challenge a 4 yard completion like it was going to do anything. I had forgotten how well the Eagles defense played in the SB. It was a tight game up until the 4th quarter when they let NE get the go ahead TD to seal the game...But there was still enough time left to try and do something to tie it. The Eagles defense did come out to play and did everything to hold the Pats down, but by the 4th quarter, they were wearing out... That 4th quarter clock management comes down to both of them. McNabb played poorly in that game and deserved criticism, but that's on coach and QB for the final drive they scored on. There was absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. McNabb had so many chances to try and gun a big play and get down field, and he just dinks and dunks it....no sense of hurry up offense or anything, they just burned that clock down and pretty much helped NE seal the deal.
  12. This was an epic troll job and considering it got posted on here with a lengthy thread, I would say it was a job well done as people took the bait.
  13. Only one prediction worth noting - Green Bay isn't winning the Super Bowl. Green Bay isn't winning the NFC either....You all know how this story ends every year... In before Bloody Champ arrives to tell you this, he's the only one on here year in year out who knows Green Bay is an average team who benefits from playing the NFC version of the AFC South.
  14. Yeah it was, but they've been doing a lot of dumb stuff lately anyway...The Antonio Brown contract was absurd, and Le'veon Bell's rap music is true comedy gold as he complains about not getting paid.
  15. Brilliant. What they need is a dirty player on defense so they can give up even more pass interference calls....The winners of the off season, watch them go 7-9 this year.
  16. Broncos The gift that keeps on giving...year 2 of the Super Bowl hang over is coming. Elway isn't going to be seen as a genius GM in the future with these kind of moves....
  17. Don't worry...They're not ever winning one. The NFL gods absolutely hate Minnesota, and the world is a better place because of it. At most, they'll reach the NFCCG again in a few years and lose in a close game that inspires their whiny team to blame it on something rather than accepting that they got beaten. It will be the fault of the Drew Pearson pushing off and not getting a pass interference call or Gary Anderson or Bountygate, or just something since they can never just lose on their own, it's always someone else's fault! The NFL gods absolutely hate them and that's wonderful!
  18. Check the stats for the 49ers defense in Kaep's first 3 years. He didn't get there on his own. This team went 13-3 and won a playoff game with Alex Smith. That defense was in the top 5 every year between 2011 to 2014. These same arguments can be made for Russell Wilson, who everyone thinks is an elite QB even though he's been very average in his career depending on a defense to carry him. Kaep got exposed late in 2012 and was never the same again. People are forgetting how bad he was in 2014, and 2015, and if it weren't for his political stuff, no one would be talking about him getting screwed. i support his right for freedom of speech, but that don't take away that he's a very mediocre quarterback. Go watch the SB he played in....Baltimore had him completely shut down UNTIL the power outage completely took away their momentum. Baltimore was cruising to a blow out in that SB, it would've been something like 41 to 10 or worse if the power don't go out and take away the big momentum they had. Counter point - check Ryan Tannehill's stats. He's one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, and yet he has nice stats too from time to time.

    I saw this today and just had to show you. 



    Laughed so hard I was in tears at Le'veon Bell's rap music. lmaolmaolmao

    1. Jules


      OMG I actually did watch the entire video. lmaolmaolmao 


      My fave part actually is the terrible towels on the newborn babies.:lol: I almost wish I had a still photo of that.:lol: I mean are you kidding me? That looks like CHILD ABUSE, those poor babies. Those towels could be DIRTY too.


      And then after they show a wedding with everyone holding up those stupid towels. lmao Probably use them at funerals too.


      Well if there is one thing I have going for me this year it's rooting against these clowns. I despise them. Most hate the Pats more, but not me. Steelers are #1. They are the crud of the Earth and for all we know they even win the Super Bowl this season.


      But it will be tough to win it all for them.


      If we went 1-15 and beat the Steelers to me thats a good season.:thmup:


      And that rap music, omg.........WHY. lmao It makes me prefer to listen to Shaq rap instead since he wasn't even that bad at it really.



      Thanks for posting this. 

    2. Synthetic



      Oh yeah the part with the babies wrapped up in the towel is sad. lmao I've heard about that for years but never believed it until I seen it. 


      My favorite part though is Le'veon Bell's crappy rap music. WHY YOU HATIN ON ME should be his nickname. lmao


      Big Ben got married and had kids as a PR move though lmao


      And it even shows the Neil O'Donnell pick six they act like never happened. WORST PICK SIX EVER in the SB....I know the Tracy Porter INT hurt but seriously, that one was way worse and is still funny. You have to see that clip, there was no one there, O'Donnell literally gave that to them gift wrapped. lmao


      God I hate the Steelers, same here. My #1 AFC team I hate more than anything, never liked them ever. I like certain historical players on their teams (Bradshaw, Swann, Rod Woodson, Bill Cowher) but I hate that team so much, and I felt so bad for the Colts losing to them in 2005. I know that had to be painful. 

    3. Jules



      Big Ben got married and had kids as a PR move though lmao


      Honestly that was odd. He was literally accused of rape and I thought he was single. And then a few weeks later he had this picture perfect family. lmaolmaolmao 


      I love the Steelers too and their classy image and this video shows how many bad things most of them have done.



      Oh yeah the part with the babies wrapped up in the towel is sad. lmao I've heard about that for years but never believed it until I seen it. 


      Haunting image with those babies with the terrible towels.:eek:




      My favorite part though is Le'veon Bell's crappy rap music. WHY YOU HATIN ON ME should be his nickname. lmao



      NBA stars rap better. lmao Or I just like them more with it.




      That always cracked me up.



      I will be back later. Just got home. Dodging off and on rain storms and thunder today that happens in spurts. Yikes. Nothing bad, just annoying.


      This hurricane coming btw looks like a BEAST.:eek:


  20. And then they picked up the Browns trash and gave it a big contract (Joe Haden) Still aren't beating the Patriots if they meet them in the playoffs. For Pittsburgh to go back to the big one, they need to absolutely avoid NE.
  21. As long as Pagano is your coach, I don't see the Colts going far even if Luck is healthy...
  22. Would love to go this year without hearing Colin Kaepernick's name every week since he's not even signed to an NFL team and while we can debate about his play last year, he still looked awful in a number of games to the point I wouldn't want him as my starting QB (he got benched for Blaine freaking Gabbert, so he can't be that great anymore). Everyone has an opinion on it and that's fine, but at this point, it's old and worn out and I would be happy to move on from him.
  23. Should've fired him this past year when they pushed Grigson out the door. If the Colts have a losing season, it's not a complete loss if he's finally fired since he definitely has wore out his welcome... Wish you guys could've hired Sean McDermott. He was largely responsible for the Panthers defensive success in 2013 and 2015. Probably going to be a good defensive coach in Buffalo in the upcoming years...
  24. Going with the Texans. The only true stable team right now in the division. They're only a quarterback away from being a decent AFC competitor.
  25. Go JJ. Hope the Texans rise up and win the AFC South, do like the Saints did after 2005 and go all out, and have a run for the city.
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