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  1. The Bears should've won that if they could catch the damn ball in the end zone. I don't like how this season is starting for the NFC South...Both Carolina and Atlanta get cupcakes with the worst teams in the NFC, and neither of them have looked really impressive.
  2. No call pass interference on what was blatant interference over Jimmy Graham.
  3. That pick six being called back was one of the worst calls to start the year off...Take away the refs, GB would be getting mauled right now...
  4. Wow this thread is hilarious after a whole summer of talking about how they're going to win the division.
  5. Who in the world would be happy to lose the SB and go down as the biggest choke artists, only to see this same team lose in the opener? I don't know how they could be happy with that. This loss isn't going to bring them that SB they choked away. It won't erase all the 28-3 flags and chants they're going to hear for the next several years....Any Falcons fans who are celebrating last night, still have to look at their empty SB trophy case while the Saints and Bucs flash their rings at them.
  6. If I were a Falcons fan, I would feel even WORSE after last night watching the Chiefs manhandle them like that in Foxboro. it just means it was right there on the table for the taking in the SB, and they blew it.
  7. I will be updating this thread in a few weeks. I just bought a handful of them I came across cheap on EBay, more Super Bowl 50 ones and I picked up Larry Csonka that I just had to have. They sell those things everywhere down here but not really for football. I've seen them for Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, and I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. I almost bought one some time back. I've yet to see any football ones in stores, but I did almost buy the Super Saiyan Goku one from DBZ some time back. I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago, that's cool that you w
  8. I've got 16-6 Rams. Wade Philips has a trend where in the first year, his defenses are amazing and rise to a top 5 unit. The Rams do have talent defensively, so he should be able to shape them up. The Colts have so many issues at hand, and while I can't stand Goff and think he's a major bust, I don't see where the Colts defense is really going to stop him...
  9. The game is bound to eventually pass him up...it happens to every great coach. Lombardi couldn't do anything in the 70's, Tom Landry (one of my favorite coaches ever, and I mean this in no disrespect) also didn't age well once the 80's rolled over, and neither did Don Shula or Chuck Noll for that record...Bill Parcells was the man in the 80's but was never quite the same in the 90's....Even Mike Holmgren wasn't really the same coach in the 2000's after he left Green Bay. The game changes decade by decade. That's why Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka never looked the same again once offens
  10. Given how Goodell has screwed up so many things in recent years, the joke is still on him for being a clown that no one respects at all. When the day comes that he decides to screw with your team, you'll learn the hard way that the commissioner is a joke and everything is a show to protect "integrity" and all those other excuses...
  11. This is a trend that has been going on for several years now. Penalties also drag the length of a game out. I've noticed over the years of going back and watching older games from the 70's and 80's, that they actually go by much faster. Not just over commercials, but because you don't have tons of penalties in the games back then.
  12. I think I showed you this article some time back, I know I showed it to Jules. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/tom-brady-will-be-bad-eventually/ I've had my doubts all summer about the Patriots...When they made the Brandin Cooks trade, I felt that hurt their chances on repeating, cause despite all the hype around him, Cooks is not Randy Moss 2.0 and he's never going to get to that level. Randy Moss is arguably a Hall of Fame receiver (If he didn't have all the behavior issues in Minnesota and Oakland, no one would be debating this since he has the numbers). Cooks s
  13. Goodell is still a clown at the end of the day....just wait until he decides to screw with your team, and then you'll learn the hard way...
  14. If the Saints offense is as good as it usually is, we should be able to carve their defense up indeed. Tonight was flashes of how bad NE's defense was between 2009 to 2013. They were terrible in zone and got carved up by Alex freaking Smith. Brady is done too...I wish he would've retired like Manning did after winning his second SB. I know the Pats fans on here are going to hate me for saying this, but I was there when Favre had his final season and it was sad to see him as a complete shadow of his former self. Brady is coming off a career year, as was Favre and Manning when they
  15. So much for Brandin Cooks being the next Randy Moss....tried to tell everyone all summer long, there is a reason the Saints were desperately trying to get rid of him after his pouty attitude last year and lackluster play.
  16. Brady should've retired after the SB. He could've went out in the sunset like Manning did a few years ago and like Elway back in the day.... This is going to be a rough year for Pats fans if he don't improve.
  17. You're the winner of this round picking the upset...Kansas City looks sharp
  18. NE ain't repeating....Brady looks DONE like Favre did in 2010 and like Manning looked in 2016. WOW WOW WOW Who's going to win the AFC now? I don't trust this Patriots team AT ALL....They got shredded by freaking Alex Smith tonight.
  19. You clearly have no understanding of the dead ball era. Every QB's stats are average from back then. I showed you a great deal of information, and you still ignore it and are comparing Bradshaw to a QB who played in a pass happy era with rules that greatly benefited QB's and wide receivers. I showed you stats of other QB's to prove he wasn't the only one who looked "average". I compared Bradshaw to other QB's he played against during his era...That's much more fair than comparing him to a guy who played in a pass happy era where the rules benefited him. I'm pretty sure if you put A
  20. Right, let's look at other elite QB's numbers from that same era.... Bob Griese - 192 TD/172 INT Kenny Stabler - 194 TD/222 INT Roger Staubach - 153 TD/109 INT They're average too, right?? Since Terry Bradshaw is average, I guess those guys are too....The only career SB winning QB of the whole 70's decade who had a brilliant TD/INT ratio is Staubach, and even he still threw 100+ INTs. If you are saying he was better than Bradshaw, I'd agree. But calling Bradshaw average just shows you aren't taking into consideration the era they played in. These
  21. I did look at Terry Bradshaw's stats, they're actually pretty good for the era he played in. They were good enough to win an MVP, lead the league in touchdowns at one time, and rack up SB MVP's. You are forgetting that Bradshaw played in what is called the "dead ball era". Every QB before 1977 had a 20-25% INT rate. Look at all the stats, and the only two QB's who consistently didn't rack up INT numbers, were Roger Staubach and Bert Jones, and even they had rough years where their TD/INT ratios aren't that impressive. Look up the Mel Blount rule. Prior to 1977, corner
  22. This is arguably the best Seattle's defense has been since 2013. They could possibly have 8 or 9 pro bowlers. Green Bay went 5-5 last year when they weren't playing their god awful division, and then did nothing to really upgrade their team this past year. Packers are overrated every year just due to Rodgers name alone. In the past two years, Green Bay has benefited from playing their crappy division in a way the Colts used to dominate the bad AFC South for years. They go 5-1 vs the division, then 5-5 the rest of the year to barely make it to 10-6. Dallas lost half th
  23. You left out Terry Bradshaw, the other guy who went 4-0 in the SB and played in a much different era. Easily the most disrespected great QB to ever play the game. I don't even get how Peyton is in this conversation. Brady already had won rings while Manning was still trying to win a playoff game. Probably the best regular season QB ever, but not the guy I would want in the playoffs...There's at least 5 other QB's I would trust before I trust Manning with home field advantage in the playoffs...
  24. Saints over Vikings, cause I want to see the Saints defense maul Sam Bradford to the point they all start crying BOUNTYGATE again.
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