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    um not yet....the Raiders had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and were winning close games. In many ways, they were like the Saints last year, but with a lot more luck. 


    This is only week 1. Let's see how they look after 5 games, and then we know if they're for real, or another year where it's simply a great QB carrying a team with no defense and getting lucky along the way. 

  2. Fragile Bradford strikes again....The Saints barely even touched him in that game. Our defense is amazingly awful...


    Boy oh boy, Vikings gonna be so disappointed come Sunday when they realize that any QB looking like the reincarnation of Steve Young or Dan Marino only happens against the Saints. He will regress back to an average QB in a few days, probably even more so if Pittsburgh brings the heat and can knock him down constantly. 

  3. 4 hours ago, BloodyChamp said:

    Ya'll are more mad that you are offended whether you admit it or not. This forum is pretty high on Jim Mora, myself included, who never won a playoff game. Now Marvin Lewis is no Jim Mora, but he's still a good coach. It may actually be time for him to go but not because he's a bad coach. I've been reading some pretty ruff stuff from his most loyal supporters and he is 0-2. 


    Jim Mora built an awesome defense in New Orleans - The Dome Patrol, who were at one point, an elite group and the best LB core in the league. Rickey Jackson is in the Hall of Fame, Pat Swilling arguably should be in since he has the numbers is and is up there in the top 10 sacks list and won DPOY award back in 1992. Sam Mills should definitely be in the Hall of Fame, and probably would be if cancer didn't take him back in 2003 when he was coaching on Carolina's SB staff.... Vaughan Johnson was awesome an awesome inside Linebacker too....Saints defense also had some other pretty good players like Frank Warren, Wayne Martin (hands down, the most underrated Saints palyer ever) and Toi Cook who was a pretty good safety in his prime.


    Mora not winning a playoff game really hurts some of these great players from being recognized. Sam Mills I think absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame, and Pat Swilling probably gets in too had they just won a single playoff game. Swilling winning a Defensive Player of the Year award was huge back in 1992. 


    But beyond how awesome Mora's defense was, it don't erase how conservative he was...There are many instances you can find in those Saints teams where Mora would blow it by playing things too conservative and not taking risks, not trusting his offense at all, even in games where they were doing good. 


    My favorite one is the Falcons overtime loss in 1991...Mora could've went for like 55 yard field goal with his Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen who was the record breaking kicker who could hit those long distance field goals...Instead, he punts, and the Falcons end up going down the field and winning....Other instances like Mora not going for it vs the Eagles in the 1992 playoff game, things could've been a lot different if he was more of a risk taker with those teams. 


    I love those old Saints teams and always will. They were my childhood heroes, and I'll always have a place in my heart for Rickey Jackson and Sam Mills but there is no way I would hire Jim Mora in today's era....Sean Payton probably is going to get fired after this year and will deserve it, but I like him a lot better than Mora cause he will take risks and gamble and do stuff...The onside kick in the SB, and aggressive 4th down play are things Mora would've never ever done. You have to take risks and gamble sometimes to win, and Jim Mora would never do those things to go the extra mile and try to win. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, GoatBeard said:

    Yeah that's the part Pats fans never seem to remember. We were urged to check the balls by the Ravens because they believed they had cheated the week before too.


    WE might not have been able to beat the Pats that year, but I believe we matched up much better with Baltimore and would've had them at home like you said.





    Baltimore choked a game away that they had a 14 point lead in....twice


    Keep blaming Deflategate all you want...But they choked that game away when they had it in the bag. Deflated balls didn't make Joe Flacco throw that bad interception late in the game. 


    Plus, this is Baltimore...before the deflated balls thing, John Harbaugh was going nuts over the trick play pass from Edleman...That team can't handle losing without coming up with conspiracy theories. Kinda reminds me of Brad Childress and his whiny Vikings team. Another team of sore losers that made up a big conspiracy theory rather than admitting they turned the ball over 5 times and lost it off that. 


    Deflategate was one of the dumbest controversies in recent NFL history. I'm sure if it was another team and not New England, people would think different. Aaron Rodgers flat out said he likes to have a big ball over-inflated....Most of the NFL thought it was ridiculous. Outside of la la land in Indy and Baltimore, the rest of the NFL thought it was dumb as hell. 


    There used to be a time when instead of blaming the refs and making up conspiracy theories, fans agreed on one thing and that was getting home field advantage for the playoffs. This theory comes from the 1981 Chargers, and how failing to get home field in the playoffs led to them having to travel to Cincinnati for the AFCCG which is known as the "freezer bowl" and played at -50 degrees. Their high powered offense became useless in a major cold weather game...Watch the Missing Rings documentary on that team and they specifically talk about the importance of having home field advantage in the playoffs to avoid something catastrophic like that. Maybe that's what Baltimore and Indy should've done in 2014 so they wouldn't have had to travel to Foxboro in the first place..

  5. 21 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I absolutely love your avatar btw, adorable. Is that your dog or something you copied off the internet?


    Oh thank you! It's a golden retriever big dog. A friend of mine sent me the picture some time ago and I just had to save it.


    I have 2 dogs, but they are little dachshunds. They do wear clothes around Halloween but it's so hard to find Saints stuff where I live since Alabama wins every year. I'd love to find a scarf to put over one of them for fun. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Just got back from watching this game. This was possibly the worst game I've ever seen on TV. Not because of the scoring, but because of the horrible coaching from both teams playing not to lose. It was one of those games where both teams were almost trying to outtank each other. Almost every drive until the middle of the 4th quarter was run, run, pass, over and over again. This was just horrible to watch and it seemed like they were just going through the motions. Marvin Lewis may be the only coach that makes Pagano look good. Also, Andy Dalton is on Scott Tolzien's level.


    And yet Marvin Lewis still has a job and has been there so long. This is like his 16th year...He should've been fired years ago. Any other team would've never put up with all the first round playoff losses. 

  7. I wouldn't blame Luck one bit if all of this ends up being true down the line. This team has failed him...He was drafted by an organization that intentionally tanked to draft him, and robbed him the chance to go to another team that could've maybe done things better. Lack of quality coaches, lack of offensive line, and now he's pretty much been killed behind that line to the point he's damaged and could be a risk for a career ending injury. After all the hell he's been through with injuries, I don't blame him at all if he truly does feel this way or gets to feeling this way down the line...


    If Luck does come back at ANY point this year, what's the point in even starting him? He's just going to punished more behind that offensive line and risk another major injury. This team isn't winning more than 6 games...Their ceiling with Luck is around 6-7 wins. It's no use in risking him to get injured again. 


    I feel sorry for the kid. He deserves better than this. His talent is pretty much being wasted and he had so much potential when he came up in the draft. 

  8. On 9/11/2017 at 6:55 AM, JimJaime said:

    Edelman will be missed big time, more than I even thought. As for Brees I'm. It worries about the passing game, it's the Run game scares me right now since well they couldn't stop any runner on Thursday.


    i am a Pats fan and I will. E till I die and I'm sure I'll see the 1-15 season again before that day. I'm a fan for life no matter the record. That said I am not worried about 1 loss BB always tinkers and lays with the team the first 4 weeks of the season. (Last year being the only exception I can think of.) 


    The Saints ain't beating this Patriots team. The Saints just let a crappy mediocre QB have the best game of his career. The Vikings are going to be so disappointed next week when Sam Bradford goes back to being average at best, cause this sorta thing only happens against the Saints. 


    Forget the run game, we make QB's look like Steve Young...Tom Brady will probably look like he's 25 again and all of us are going to look stupid for saying he was done last week. We're pretty good at this too...It goes back to 2011 and that one playoff game that pretty much is the only reason Alex Smith still has a starting job in the NFL. If you want your QB to look like a Hall of Famer on any day, just start them against the Saints...


    The Pats have had 4 extra days off, a whole week of hearing "they're done" and lucky for them, they get to play the team with the worst defense going on the past 4 years straight who they will undoubtedly take all their anger out on.... I think the Saints will make it interesting early on, back and forth, but this is going to be a game where Brees is in Favre style 'hero mode' cause he knows his defense can't stop nothing, so he's going to try and score at will, and I think he'll end up getting picked off a few times. Brandin Cooks will have over 200 yards receiving, book that...The Saints will have such poor coverage and man to man defense, I think Cooks goes off on us. 


    48 to 24 Pats. 


    I'm honestly beginning to think the Saints should fire Sean Payton. He's had 5 years to figure this thing out on defense, and yet here we are in groundhog day repeating the same thing over and over...This is year #5 of making crappy QB's look like Steve Young, and I'm getting tired of it...there is no excuse anymore...Take Brees off this team and we would be a 1-15 or 3-13 team at best. 


    Adrian Peterson should've never been signed to begin with....and to any Saints fans on Twitter saying he needs more carries, NO...He's washed up and done...and I'm praying he gets cut tomorrow...I didn't want him on this team to begin with, and have had to endure an entire summer of fans who used to laugh at him for being a fumble machine take a complete .360 spin and start defending him as if he is Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles. They crossed the line with defending child abuse...he didn't even play a single game for us and fans were treating him like he has rushing records for us.


    Any quarterback can look like Tom Brady against the Saints, so Sam Bradford owes us for making him look like god tonight...I am so looking forward to next week when a 40 year old Brady is going to look like he's 30 years old again playing against our defense that hasn't changed a bit. Fun times!!



  10. 1 hour ago, oldunclemark said:

    How many teams fan bases hate their starting QB and want the backup to play


    Can you even blame Texans fans? Every QB they've had under Bill O'Brien has been terrible...He's putting together a resume of crappy QB's that almost mirrors Jim Mora's years with the Saints where every QB we had was terrible too.

  11. 2 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:


    Matter of fact they are pretty happy right now seeing the Pats getting it handed to them.


    lmao Who in the world would be happy to lose the SB and go down as the biggest choke artists, only to see this same team lose in the opener?


    I don't know how they could be happy with that. This loss isn't going to bring them that SB they choked away. It won't erase all the 28-3 flags and chants they're going to hear for the next several years....Any Falcons fans who are celebrating last night, still have to look at their empty SB trophy case while the Saints and Bucs flash their rings at them. 




    I will be updating this thread in a few weeks. I just bought a handful of them I came across cheap on EBay, more Super Bowl 50 ones and I picked up Larry Csonka that I just had to have. 

    On 8/22/2017 at 3:29 AM, DaveA1102 said:

    I also bought one of these for myself, really like the funko pop style of figures.  Currently sitting proudly on my desk!


    Image result for andrew luck funko pop


    They sell those things everywhere down here but not really for football. I've seen them for Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, and I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. I almost bought one some time back. I've yet to see any football ones in stores, but I did almost buy the Super Saiyan Goku one from DBZ some time back. 


    On 8/22/2017 at 3:27 AM, DaveA1102 said:

    I genuinely bought one of these the other day!


    It was a Blake Bortles one for my friend as a gag gift!  :D


    I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago, that's cool that you were able to buy one!

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