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  1. Rolling Stones' Miss You - some days I just cannot get that out of my head. Has one of my favorite bridges in a rock song. Keith Richards playing Country licks, nothing gets better than that

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    2. Jules


      No problem, thats over and done with now with NE. Hint: NE won't repeat lol.

    3. Synthetic


      My mind tells me NE goes one and done this year, since they were almost one and done last year.

    4. Jules


      My mind agrees with your mind on this at the moment. Might be one and done against a team like Baltimore or even a sneaky WC style Bills team if they snuck in with Rex Ryan.

      Or hell we all know it's coming......Colts blow out Pats in Foxboro HARD. Okay sorry time to sleep probably soon once I start talking about beating up on the Pats.

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