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    2. Synthetic


      I wouldn't call New Order a UK Nirvana from sound, but they totally had that scruffy "just woke up and put on clothes" look to them. They're ugly, but they sound nothing like Nirvana. They're a weird band cause the roles are reversed. The bass is the lead, and the guitar is rhythm. Traditionally, as you know, it's supposed to be the other way around. Stephen Morris on drums is a freaking machine. Great drummer, and there's layers after layers of high synth keyboards

    3. Jules


      No way, nothing like Nirvana in sound IMO. But, yeah Kurt Cobain looking boys were around before Kurt Cobain was famous.

    4. Synthetic


      Yeah they're ugly guys, except the chick. They had the look down, probably why only Low-Life is the lone record that had pictures of them.

      The lyrics on their songs are great though. They are coping music and can be related to. Arguably, a lot of it was written on drugs...obviously the lyrics like True Faith and Thieves Like Us totally are about addiction or looking back at it.

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