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  1. I thought Scott Stapp was my homie!?

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    2. Jules


      He is overrated I would agree. I watched a few of his movies back then but my favorite is still Misery. Kathy Bates was the bomb in that. "I'm your #1 fan.....". Oh how true that is in our society!

      Man did we go off topic lol. Creed sucks though to me. Those songs were over played.

    3. Synthetic


      Sorry about that, easy to do, just blame it on OCD LOL

      He took the video down from Facebook, I've been waiting to see that Paypal thing pop up for him to ebeg for money.

    4. Synthetic


      UPDATE ON MY MAN - they found him and he's in psychiatric hold.

      He's a prophet now...he has "visions" and hears voices...he really needs a help, he sounds like he's really lost it.

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