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    Looks like the Saints have been doing pretty good....shame i haven't been able to really enjoy it much this past month. Managing music seems to have taken up all my time now...

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    2. Synthetic



      I didn't mean to disappear. I guess I have went through what you would call a mid-life crisis over something.....Jules knows what I mean with my passion of music....Something just snapped in me last month and I figured I might as well do this while I still have the time with my body has some strength in my arms and shoulders....I live with a disability, more specifically, a health condition and major health problems that have really weakened my body with muscle deterioration..My body was once a lot stronger over 10 years ago...that's sadly not the case anymore, and it's only going to get worse as the years go passing by...


      Long story short - the problems I suffer with my decline started to really kick into my adulthood in my late 20's....I used to be a really angry person over what I lived with (and still have the classic Gen X cynicism I can't outgrow due to just being Gen X alone), and it took me a long time to come to a subtle realization that it's nothing I can really do to fight this...It's just going to happen, and it's been a known fact since I was first diagnosed back when I was a kid....I have my good days where I can function normally, and then I have my bad days where I'm in a world of pain and mad at everything around me and I tend to have mood swings when I'm on a bad day. 


      I've had an opportunity for a few years now to really do something musically with two young dudes I met who are incredibly talented...It's been my life dream. Before my health problems got really tough, I tried to fight this by still doing what I found as a passion (music)....I used to be able to practice for crazy lengths of hours with the guitar. I used to be able to play heavy guitars too, which went from being a trivial thing to a very important thing down the road (reason #1 why I don't own a bunch of guitars anymore, the weight specs are a huge necessity with my body)...I had a band that didn't go anywhere, but I was musically active in my social circles back then...before my health got bad and I had to take it easy....it's a wonder I can still play guitar at the skill I've acquired from years of hard work....I can still play for hours, but my days of being able to perform or even tour and do the tasks of a working musician are long gone....


      I think I was a few years too late to form a band with these two musicians I found, but it was better than not trying at all....I should've done it a few years ago when they were begging me to. I refused cause Jazz is their real forte, and I am not a Jazz musician at all...I love listening to Jazz, but I know nothing of how it works on the guitar...Metal, Blues and New Wave/Indie are the forms of music I excel at...I didn't want to form a band with them back then cause they love Jazz so much and I was afraid I would become a burden to them down the road....These two musicians are uniquely talented....one is a drummer, who I can't brag enough about. He is the best drummer I've ever seen in my life. If he was in a city with a Jazz music scene like New Orleans, I think he would have a successful future down the road as a working musician, cause he really does have it in him...But I was a few years too late....Their musical styles have swayed quite a bit in the last two years, and they don't even really play together much anymore which is a real shame...


      Whatever happens from here on out with the band, I've decided I'm going to record and post music online while my body can still handle playing an instrument, cause it's something I love and I need to enjoy it while I still can....I've got the time now, so I will probably upload some songs we wrote on Youtube. 



    3. Synthetic



      Sorry about the Colts, kinda had a bad feeling about them before the year started but didn't want to tell you........


      I haven't kept up with sports in a month, so I have no idea what all is happening in terms of news and stuff..... I haven't even really kept up with the Saints. All I know is the defense has sorta started to become a reincarnation of the Dome Patrol and it's like a gift from heaven to see a defense that can actually bully QB's, get fumbles, force interceptions. This defense makes me have faith in this team and believe in them again...


      Now everyone can FINALLY witness how talented Cam Jordan is as a defense end now that he has some help with him...I hope he at least makes the pro bowl this year, he's been our best defensive player since 2011 and has mostly had scrubs to work with until now. 

    4. teganslaw


      Drew Brees continues doing well. He became the third quarterback to pass for 6000 career yards, behind Favre and Manning. He accomplished this in less games than the other two, so that's something. 


      I've had the Saints defense in my fantasy lineups and they've done quite well. This is the first time I've trusted their defense, and it's worked most of the time. 

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