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  1. The. Same. Story. Every. Year. 



    Fire Sean Payton - he has had 5 YEARS to figure this thing out on defense...coaches change, players change, schemes change, yet here we are and nothing has really changed in play. Still looks as bad as it did 5 years ago. Officially done with this....

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    2. Synthetic




      Atlanta will win the game but they let GB come back big in the game. Since that is what Atlanta does, not hold onto leads. lmao Pathetic.


      They let them score 2 TD's in garbage time when the score was 31 to 10....no big deal...No where near as bad as some of their games last year like the Chargers and Saints who came back and nearly beat them, not counting NE in the Super Bowl.


      Atlanta could've run that score up to 40+ if they wanted to last night and really did let their foot off the gas to run the ball, which was shocking.... Game was over the minute they went up 17-7...they knew as well as we do, Rodgers ain't gonna lead some comeback...

    3. Synthetic



      I have to agree that Adrian Peterson is overrated. I wouldn't have him in any of my fantasy lineups because he would disappoint too often.


      No one else wanted him...NE and NO had interest in him and that was it. Green Bay is literally starting a wide receiver as their running back, and yet even they had no interest in Peterson. 


      Sean Payton has become 'Grandpa Sean' as some of us like to joke, but I'm still amazed he thought Peterson was a good idea. Not only is the child abuser slow and overrated, he's also full of himself...He's a media distraction who runs his mouth constantly in the NOLA media and complains non-stop after just one game. 


      We could've resigned Tim Hightower and avoided all this all together..Peterson is slow and old, and Mark Ingram is the one who is getting screwed in this, cause Peterson getting carries to run 3 yards takes away from handing off to Ingram. 




      Another kitten was killed? That's too bad; I hope that other kittens and the mother cat are doing OK.


      These cats are weird, and I don't know how to properly explain it to make sense....The mother cat was too small to have kittens. She is a miniature, tiny...and she had 5 kittens, and it's wrecked her body. She killed two of them by not allowing them feed, and it happened at a time I wasn't home to tend to them....


      I don't know how to explain or talk about this...This is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen from an animal. I have never seen cats act like that. I don't think this specific cat had motherly instincts, cause when she gave birth, she just left them there at first. I had to force her to tend them, and had to do this for a whole month...the cat still didn't learn. I called my local vet twice today and explained this, and they don't understand this behavior either coming from female cats. 

    4. teganslaw


      I've heard of this happening sometimes. If a cat is too young or small when she has kittens, she doesn't always know how to act with them, and doesn't understand what to do. When I was growing up, our neighbor's cat abandoned her kittens because she didn't know any better. Another cat adopted those kittens as her own. It was a strange situation, but turned out OK because the kittens were raised by another cat. 

      There's not much you could have done in this case, but it doesn't make things any easier. It sounds like your cat will never be a good mother, she just doesn't have the instinct for it. 

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