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  1. So yeah, um this custom jersey exists....





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    2. Jules


      The only thing you have to hang your hat on ahead of time is that a Brees led team has often shown up vs. the Pats, even in a loss.


      But this was the Brees teams without the slow child abusing aazz.



      Holy crap, I just realized another game was on. lmao I looked up and said Wait it's Denver? lmao 


      Oh good another crappy L.A. team.......

    3. Synthetic



      The only positive of today is that Coby Fleener actually looked good and caught some tightly contested passes. 


      When Fleener is your only positive, that's not good. lmao


      Rex Ryan is commentating that Denver game too...I figure he won't be that bad on there since Rex does have charisma and is likable (and hilarious, weather that's intentional or not). 

    4. Jules


      I am just glad I got to see another awesome Saints prime time game that I make time to watch. lmao I swear whenever I see them on at night the last few years they look like trash.


      Your offense btw did look out of sync, maybe it is the Peterson effect and his slow child abusing aazz.


      AP also looked POUTY, I am getting Tomlinson vibes now. But LdT never hurt a child, he is nothing but class. He is a very classy person.

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