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  1. Look what I found this morning - Roger Staubach's hail mary game vs the Vikings with the actual drive.  




    Amazing how many times this drive nearly kills them...The low snaps, and one of them is even fumbled, and Staubach has to run around under pressure. 


    The 4th and 17 play is amazing, and then right after, BOOM hail mary to Drew Pearson. 


    Dallas almost upset the Steelers in the SB a few weeks later....Of all the Steelers SB's, it's the first one against Dallas that is usually regarded as the best...This wildcard Dallas team was such big underdogs, and almost upset the Steelers. Amazing team. 

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    2. Synthetic



      We just got hammered with the left over deteriorated tropical storm part of Harvey the past few days. Nothing but rain for 3 days now, some roads are flooded but nothing really too severe. My internet got knocked out most of yesterday so I kept the computer off and didn't get to watch this game just yet. 


      Will be watching tonight and get back to both of you on it. 

    3. Jules


      My internet is shaky too. Take your time on the game but if you watch it tonight OH BOY. :rock:



    4. Synthetic



      Wow, great game. Very defensive...


      I like these kind of games a lot. All field goals, no TD's, no big OMG WOW offensive plays. You rarely ever do see defensive slug fests games like this anymore in the pass happy NFL that favors offense. The Jets/Packers 2010 game also comes to mind here. 


      Manning had a rough game here and many will point to his stats as being ugly, but he did everything to get the win. I don't think it's fair to really talk about his ugly stats here as if it's negative. Favre used to have games like this often, where the stats would be ugly but all that matters is coming off with that win. 


      Joseph Addai with some nice plays. I always liked this guy and felt he was a bit underrated as a back. 


      RIP Steve McNair. Good QB, likable person off the field and I think this may have been his last playoff game. 


      I liked how the Colts defense played in this game. The commentators constantly mention how bad their run defense is, and yet they focused on shutting down the run entirely. 


      I had forgotten how good that Ravens team was in 2006. I didn't even know they went 13-3, and I saw some articles online that had fans arguing that it was a much stronger team than the 2012 unit. Kinda reminds me of the 2007 Packers being overall better than the 2010 team. 

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