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  1. Wow, the Saints defense has looked good for two preseason games...I almost want to get excited now. 

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    2. Jules


      It's the curse of Stone Hands btw. He is single handidly wreaking havoc on the Patriots.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Packers, the Rodgers effect has you under his spell again lmao. I just get burned too much picking them.

    4. Jules


      Well someone has to win it all. And your odds are better to pick a team with a good QB on it. I don't want to pick the 40 year old with too much plastic surgery to win it all. I am hesitant at times on Big fat Ben. I am hesitant on most of the NFC too.


      By default we know the Packers win the division and no the Vikings are not winning the North, Jesus Christ........


      The SB is in Minnesota and nothing would pain the Vikings fans more then to see the Packers maybe be there to win it. Or the Saints. But I am not ready to crown the Saints just yet.


      I could see a Packers/Steelers rematch too.


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