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  1. If the negative reception tonight in L.A. is anything to go by, the Chargers should've stayed in San Diego...That stadium is going to be overrun with opposing team fans all the time. It's going to be worse than when it happened at Qualcom. This is only preseason and yet there are so many empty seats and a visible portion of Saints fans all over the place. 

    1. Jules


      L.A. has become the new aazz factory for NFL teams. I don't get why they moved a bad team that has a lackluster fanbase to a "new" city. 


      My biggest fear is week 1 our sorry team makes the Rams look good and we spark them on some early season run.:( Then everyone brags that the Rams beat freaking Tolzien.

    2. Jules


      The Chargers are also playing a good team though. The new revamped "ready to take back the NFC South" Saints. lmao 

    3. Synthetic



      You are playing against Jared Goff, who I do not think you should lose against. I know a lot of people think it was all the Rams fault last year, but you have to really watch tape of this guy to see how BAD he is. He does not throw like an NFL quarterback. It's not just that the Rams are bad, he cannot hit 5-10 yard short passes...If he don't improve at all this year, I expect the Jamarcus Russell comparisons to happen (they already should be happening) cause I literally am AMAZED that people thought he was a good first round choice...in the Hard Knocks show last year, Goff had no idea how to run the playbook. 

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