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  1. If the negative reception tonight in L.A. is anything to go by, the Chargers should've stayed in San Diego...That stadium is going to be overrun with opposing team fans all the time. It's going to be worse than when it happened at Qualcom. This is only preseason and yet there are so many empty seats and a visible portion of Saints fans all over the place. 

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    2. Synthetic



      The Saints defense looked GOOD last night. I was amazed. We had 30 sacks last year and in just 2 preseason games I think we have around 15 right now. 


      I know it's only preseason so I am not getting too excited but they looked great against the Chargers starters, and there seems to be a better emphasis on tackling fundamentals which is all I care about. I am so tired of seeing our bad tackling over the years and last night they seemed to be making concentrated efforts at tackling. 


      They finally won a preseason game and it came on my birthday. lmao

    3. teganslaw


      I've seen statistics on the preseason games, and NO rookie rb, Alvin Kamara, seems like the real deal. I'd be surprised if the Saints don't find a place for him on their roster. He was quite impressive in the two preseason games. 

    4. Synthetic



      Kamara is a star so far in preseason. The fans absolutely adore him, I think he makes the team. Lasco probably won't just for this reason. 


      He reminds em of Chris Ivory a bit but with more speed. 

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