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  1. The Heat bandwagon just got a big boost. Heat signed Kelly Olynyk to 4 years and 50 million.


    Enjoy......Kelly O out and about in the club scene in Miami is going to really make things come alive there. And yes he does party. And he's huge. And stupid. And slightly psychotic. 




    Although this does help the Heat vs. Cleveland, since they always get rough vs. them.

    1. Jules


      But on the other hand......





      Most are saying though Kelly O is gonna tear up Miami. He is huge, loves to drink and well........watch out!!!!!!!

    2. Synthetic



      This is great. Load them up like those Riley Knicks teams....


      I'm not really surprised. The Heat enjoy physical/dirty guys they can use from time to time. He'll fit into their defensive system. 



    3. Jules


      I think you secretly want to become the Bad Boy Pistons. lmao Not the Knicks.




      Honestly, Kelly O outside of his unnatural fascination with Kevin Love isn't really always too bad. He did give a nice thank you note today to Boston too and said thanks for giving a guy from Canada a shot and letting him be a part of their city. I don't feel bad blood with Boston from him right now since he did become a semi cult following star in Boston.


      Yes he is from Canada.


      He might do well with Miami, Riley seems to be talking him up pretty well so it sounds like you will be seeing him a lot out there. Riley likes his toughness and ability to hold his liquor. (made that part up)


      He may fit well with Hassan Whiteside who some claim is dirty too. Heat really are looking like a solid rough defensive group again.......

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