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  1. Onto the NFL now, basketball is ruined for the near future unless someone else creates a big 5.


    Colts and Saints win division titles?


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    2. Synthetic




      Not going to lie, this does bother me.



      I think thats why I can't focus tonight.
      I am not sure why, but Lebron is always like stuck in some Shakespearean tragedy play. Even his owner wrote him that nasty letter as if he was playing some evil villain role. 
      Anyway will feel better tomorrow night but tonight to me just kinda made basketball look pathetic.
      I hope the Cavs can win in Cleveland but sadly they have been even worse in Cleveland then on the road this year.



      It sucks, but it is what it is. The Warriors won 73 games last year, lost the Finals, then added Kevin Durant. Instead of overcoming their problems, they went out and got another star and made it unfair. 


      I don't get it. I really don't...apart from LeBron hate, this is like rooting for the 2007 Patriots. It's no different, they even have an undefeated streak going. The whole "best team ever" thing going. 



      if the Warriors do get a sweep, you're going to be "16-0 IN THE PLAYOFFS, BEST TEAM EVAH" rammed down your throat forever. Warriors fans will have 16-0 avatars all over the place. 



      This Cavs team I hate to say it was doomed before the playoffs evne began. We knew they weren't that good. it is the weakest LeBron led team of the current decade. They ranked 22nd in defense. But ohhhh myyyyy gooddddd they got KYLE KORVER and are a LOADED team. :excited:


      Hate is more powerful than love. I have learned that with how pathetic LeBron haters are. They are rooting for the NBA equivalent of the 2007 Patriots just so they can hate on him. It don't get worse than that. 


      What's the point anymore? Everyone knew the Cavs were going to lose cause Golden State flat out ruined the season the minute they got Durant. Unless you get some personal satisfaction from watching one player loser to super teams, this isn't fun. 


      I seriously am done with basketball after tonight. Moving on to football and music stuff. Let the LeBron haters have their pathetic parade. it's really no different than rooting for the 2007 Patriots. They should be embarrassed, but hate does amazing things to people. 





    3. chad72


      Cavs have to win game 3 to stand any chance in the series, just to prove to themselves they can do "something" vs the Warriors. Right now, they are living in denial with constant underachieving.



    4. Jules


      Well, Nashville just tied the series at home 2-2 vs. the Pens in hockey.


      Are you watching this Cavs? The Predators just tied the series AT HOME vs. the powerhouse Sidney Crosby Penguins. Notes, take them.



      Cavs have to win game 3 to stand any chance in the series, just to prove to themselves they can do "something" vs the Warriors. Right now, they are living in denial with constant underachieving.


      The underachievers are:



      2) Tristan *out rebounded in two games by Curry* Thompson despite being like 11 inches taller then Curry. I am still trying to figure this out.......

      3) the suckiness known as JR Smith who I am trying to figure out what his best use is at this point.

      4) the world famous Cavaliers bench led by THE 3 pt shooting machine Kyle Korver.

      5) coaching, I mean I think they just think at times "Don't worry, LEBRON will save us!."


      I put Kyrie Irving first in bold letters 3 times since he is key for the Cavs. If he don't have a hot game they are toast. So far in this series he has flopped around like a stoned dead fish masquerading as a point guard. If he sucks again in game 3 then call Allen Iverson and have him fill in game 4 just for fun. Then again Iverson would probably have Curry on the court in a headlock and then a brawl breaks out, which at this point I would not mind. Hell Iverson despite his size would probably even punch out Draymond Green.


      As much as people pick on Kevin Love and say he is "a limited white guy" he has actually been doing HIS JOB in this series if you look at the stats. Cute white guy bias is rampant in the NBA. I am shocked Draymond and Zaza have not poured gasoline on Love and set him on fire but if they did the refs would probably call a foul on Love.


      Lebron is doing so much in this series he is ready to pass out by the third quarter. And if anyone wants to pick on Lebron I will come after you with my pink umbrella and stuffed animals and raise HELL!!!!!!!!!



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