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  1. Are you ready for the big battle again? 


    Historical underdogs take the stage soon.




    (whoever made this, got to use it. It's ridiculously good)


    Of course I have to post this again:



    And whoever did paint what was painted on Lebron's house in L.A........I won't even say what I would do to that person or persons on this forum openly. Absolutely disgusting to do that to a good man like Lebron James. I think Lebron was shook up today and saddened and I think the team around him is going to rise up and now fight even harder for their leader.

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    2. Synthetic





      It's the truth. I never seen a big guy on the court treated worse then Kevin Love at times. Even guards are allowed to abuse him and yank him around. GUARDS. It's one thing if it was against other big men but the refs let him get mauled by small dudes too who jump on him and grab him.


      I don't know even why. I mean if he was huge and black and looked like Draymond the refs would kiss his butt.


      White guy bias? Someone alert liberals a white man is being abused. 


      I agree that Cavs fans have completely unrealistic expectations for what Kevin Love should do. They talk about him dropping 30 points a night, but I don't think he's the player to do that. He does his job well...It's not his fault the other Cavs players can't get it done. 


      Kevin Love does not get the calls either, I totally agree with you. He didn't even get a foul when Kelly Olynk tore his shoulder on a dirty play a few years ago. 




      I think Lebron wanted Love so badly since Love is a calming influence to have around and Kyrie is kinda childish at times which is a lot like well.......Kobe Bryant. I always thought Phil Jackson kept Kobe at bay.


      I read Phil Jackson's book a few years ago and know a bit about him. 


      Apart from the 2004 team, Jackson was pretty good at keeping his team's egos in check. They were never arrogant. They were never EXTREME with arrogance and smugness like Golden State is and how they brag so much. 


      The 2004 team is the only exception of arrogance and Jackson kinda lost that team during the season. He had Shaq and Kobe feuding and the all around "super team" arrogance.


      Little known fact; Jackson actually wanted to trade Kobe after the 2004 Finals...Oh yes, he sided with Shaq, not Kobe...He wanted to get rid of Kobe and roll with Shaq after everything blew up in the Finals. According to his book, it was because he trusted Shaq. Shaq defended Jackson a lot and often said how he would have sacrificed anything to play under him as a coach. Phil Jackson actually quit the job in L.A. and took a year off and they had to beg him to come back. That 2004 team just about ruined him for good. 


      For all of Jackson's flaws, he was pretty damn good at keeping the Bulls and Lakers teams with their heads in place and no big inflated egos. His book goes into details of the philosophy and stuff he practiced on them. 





      Kyrie was the one going off on the earth being flat for F's sake back in March.


      Not that Love can't get soft, he can. But sometimes I swear he is misused even by their game plans. Lebron gives him the ball a lot hoping for a miracle 3 and it pains me to see at times.

      Thats why in my fantasy Miami team I would put Love on it but I am not sure I want Kyrie even though I like the kid a lot. Sometimes I wish he could be more DAMN CONSISTENT.


      Welcome to my frustrations with Kobe Bryant. This is identical to the problems I always had with Kobe. It's almost note for note identical. Everything you say about Kyrie just brings back the memories of Kobe to me. And he can get hot and score constantly like Kobe used to, but they both have almost the exact same weaknesses. 



      Curry owned Kyrie tonight. Cavs fans I think heavily underestimated Curry. They kept saying how he plays poorly vs them. Well tonight, he flat out owned Kyrie like how Allen Iverson was owning Kobe in the 2001 Finals Game 1; that one game where AI went off and killed them.




      But i keep saying this but it's true. This Cavs team to win NEEDS both Lebron/Kryie to each score like 30 to 40 points with the bench showing up a bit too. Then they need to pray they can win the rebounding battle if the refs let them.


      For those that don't believe the Lakers 3-peat with Shaq and Kobe had a great TEAM, this is literally the expectations for Shaq and Kobe on an average night when they had little to no help from a bench (like in 2004). 


      The Cavs just aren't that great of a team. They have some lovable guys like TT and Love, but they're not super scorers like Golden State who is such a ridiculously stacked team. 



      Warriors have two MVPs on their team, arguably the best SG in the league in Klay. Barkley says Klay is the best SG in the league. Draymond is maybe the best defensive PF in the league. And then the rest of them all have their roles and are good shooters.


      Barkley isn't wrong...Klay was bailing them out last year. 


      This is why I hate that team so freaking much...2 MVP's and then 2 great all stars. 


      Klay is probably the best SG in the league...


      Draymond Green in the best defensive player in the league by a mile...


      Curry won 2 MVP's


      Durant is technically an MVP. 


      I have never seen another team more loaded than this....It's ridiculous.


      They won 73 games last year and then went out and signed an MVP. 



      I would even get killed for saying this since I am a Kevin Love apologist, but he is IMO the best one on the team on a consistent basis after Lebron. Since those two technically do their jobs the best on a night to night basis with what their position demands them to do. And both are leaders. Kyrie is the biggest explosive raw talent on the team, but his consistency is bad.........and Kyrie can get owned by a Klay Thompson type which we saw tonight. And Kyrie was not playing great defense tonight at times either. I seen Spurs fans even say that Pops could mold Kyrie into a GREAT point guard to rival the best out there.



      Totally agree with this. Kyrie isn't even their 2nd best player. He has Kobe syndrome, he can go hot and cold. 


      I think everyone forgets the COLD Kobe games. When he would get shut down, oh my god, he had ugly games. Kyrie's ugly games are reminiscent of that. 



      Spurs fans are probably right, Pops would make something out of Kyrie. 



    3. Synthetic




      I know you probably want to go relax too. lmao 


      We managed to almost go to 170 posts here tonight. lmao 


      It was an interesting birthday. lmao I don't mind though........rooting for the aazz factory has it's ups and downs. But my birthday and yesterday was pretty good.


      I'm wide awake actually. i took a nap before the game. Probably going to stay up a few more hours and play a bit of Doom before I lay back down. 


      At least your birthday was great. I should've did you a bible study last night. I was afraid it would kill positive vibes, but the Cavs did that on their own. TOMORROW I am going to work on Isiah. It's just depressing to read, but after tonight, it's easier to sit through. 





    4. Synthetic




      Well if this series get ugly maybe we should have let Boston be in it since at the very least Kelly O would have broken a few arms for fun.


      That would've been entertaining. lmao


      The level of arrogance with Golden State makes me fantasize about the possibility of them playing an extremely dirty team, specifically, the 80's Pistons cause I know that team would crack some ribs and hurt them. Curry wouldn't be able to do his Cam Newton style dances around them, he's too fragile, one good hit, they would mess him up. 

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