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  1. Are you ready for the big battle again? 


    Historical underdogs take the stage soon.




    (whoever made this, got to use it. It's ridiculously good)


    Of course I have to post this again:



    And whoever did paint what was painted on Lebron's house in L.A........I won't even say what I would do to that person or persons on this forum openly. Absolutely disgusting to do that to a good man like Lebron James. I think Lebron was shook up today and saddened and I think the team around him is going to rise up and now fight even harder for their leader.

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    2. Jules



      Welcome to my frustrations with Kobe Bryant. This is identical to the problems I always had with Kobe. It's almost note for note identical. Everything you say about Kyrie just brings back the memories of Kobe to me. And he can get hot and score constantly like Kobe used to, but they both have almost the exact same weaknesses. 


      Ugh I love Kobe but my God was he a frustrating player. When he was good he was very good but when he was bad you wanted to die. And he also btw when bad would keep taking shots all the time. Kyrie isn't a ball hog though.


      But tonight the Cavs had loads of Kobe's on a bad shooting night chucking up shots that didn't go in. I was starting to have flashbacks..........it sorta looked to me like the Lakers vs. the Celtics in 2008 even.




      Curry owned Kyrie tonight. Cavs fans I think heavily underestimated Curry. They kept saying how he plays poorly vs them. Well tonight, he flat out owned Kyrie like how Allen Iverson was owning Kobe in the 2001 Finals Game 1; that one game where AI went off and killed them.


      Curry killed it tonight. I will fully admit this. I WILL give praise to Curry, Draymond and Klay but anyone who thinks I am praising Kevin Durant can go F themselves. 




      I agree that Cavs fans have completely unrealistic expectations for what Kevin Love should do. They talk about him dropping 30 points a night, but I don't think he's the player to do that. He does his job well...It's not his fault the other Cavs players can't get it done. 


      Kevin Love does not get the calls either, I totally agree with you. He didn't even get a foul when Kelly Olynk tore his shoulder on a dirty play a few years ago. 



      I read tons of Cavs stuff on Kevin Love and they need to get off his aazzz at times. I mean do they even realize what position he plays?


      He has a gift for the 3 but they act like he is supposed to do it every game and wrack up 30 while playing under the basket.


      I feel bad too since Lebron often gives Love the ball for a wide open 3 in hopes to spark something.


      I mean I see this all the time. If Kyrie is going ballistic then Love is who Lebron often passes to at times to see if he can be sparked into "Minnesota Kevin" and it makes me feel so damn sad when it doesn't work out like tonight.




      I'm wide awake actually. i took a nap before the game. Probably going to stay up a few more hours and play a bit of Doom before I lay back down. 


      At least your birthday was great. I should've did you a bible study last night. I was afraid it would kill positive vibes, but the Cavs did that on their own. TOMORROW I am going to work on Isiah. It's just depressing to read, but after tonight, it's easier to sit through. 



      I will be up a bit more but my message will suck to you since I was mostly here talking and I can't think straight about anything else but tonights game.

    3. Jules


      Maybe it's the Kardashian curse.

    4. Jules


      If this series gets very bad then we have to maybe go back to porn jokes.


      You know like the naughty twitter pics and all. lmao 


      Just hope NOBODY is reading this, omg.........


      *wink wink*

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