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  1. Zaza Pachulia is the biggest tool in the NBA. I had totally forgotten about this guy's history, until he took out Leonard. Pops went nuts yesterday in his press conference on Zaza's history and losing his best player which cost them the big lead they had and cost Leonard for game 2.


    Warriors still knocking out Leonard, only lose by a whopping few points. Western Champions*. Congrats Durant, you picked a good franchise to chase a ring on.


    Now where I remember Baby Zaza? The first round from 2008 when KG and company struggled vs. Atlanta but finally won the series. Worth watching this. When you get KG this mad at you, you know you are a tool.



    Zaza was after KG the entire series and finally KG had enough of his crap. The Celtics that year had numerous issues with that guys crap on the court in that series.


    The road gets tougher now for the King, not so much since the Cavs can't beat the Celtics with ease and the Warriors but due to the dirty nature of BOTH teams.


    Yes and I am looking at you Kelly Olynyk as well. You try any crap with Kevin Love again you won't make it out of Cleveland alive. I know you had a big game 7 shooting the ball but lets not act like you are the new IT boy just yet.


    I noticed at times how Kelly Olynyk was even at times in game 7 grabbing the arms of Marcin Gortat of the Wizards a lot.


    Lebron has to not put up with any of this crap, period. Even if someone tries something and he gets a technical.......he has to stand up for his guys and himself from now on.


    To be fair, the Spurs past was not always innocent and you could even argue it is karma too.


    Bruce Bowen was pretty damn dirty himself in the past and says absolutely Zaza did it on purpose.




    As usual, 




    We have to rely on one man to save us.

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    2. Synthetic



      It's just sad to lose them like that. I have tried like hell, it's been rough. 



      9 dead kittens out of 3 litters. Just feels like a massacre. I have a pet cemetery of dead kittens so bad it would rival Steven King's book of the same name. 

    3. Jules


      I was going to say you have Steven King stuff going on around you. And especially now with mom cats eating baby cats.


      I am speechless.



      BTW I was lucky enough to find a real clip of the Warriors coaches telling the Warriors how to play during a timeout.




    4. Jules


      Warriors are really impressing me. They are beating up on a team whose best player is 39 years old.


      Pick on the Cavs all you want but they are playing a team in the next round who is young, athletic and HEALTHY. 

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