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  1. LeBron for MVP after last night...still averaging 30 points a game in the playoffs. The King ain't gonna be stopped.



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    2. Jules


      He married his high school sweetheart too, a black girl he started sleeping with when he was like 16. And he really never sounded like he ever wanted another woman but her. He became an alcoholic too and used to just pound doors at night screaming at her that she probably was cheating on him.

    3. Synthetic



      I've been off/on tonight reading a bit. 


      I'm interested now in this book about AI. Deadspin had a really good piece about him last year, that I think was a promotion piece for the book. It went into details that you speak of, and it specifically talked about the fan following he had. Due to the hatred he received in the early 2000's, AI did have a pretty dedicated fan base that stuck up for him all the time. 



      He married his high school sweetheart too, a black girl he started sleeping with when he was like 16. And he really never sounded like he ever wanted another woman but her. He became an alcoholic too and used to just pound doors at night screaming at her that she probably was cheating on him.


      I read about this before somewhere, and something about his son that he abused at times....



      This sounds sadder than the Chamberlain book. With Chamberlain, it's difficult to really feel sorry for someone who lived a grandiose lifestyle of fame and fortune, and was never short of that. Iverson went through really rough stuff, and I agree with you his talent was surely wasted. He did manage to win an MVP and was awesome in the early part of his career. 




      I think most have seen the Magic Johnson tweets about going after every single FA big name. Also because IT talks to Kobe now. It is possible that people don't realize that IT might want advice and guys like KG are kinda odd at times. Kobe has always said young players can ask him for help on things. And since he is newly retired, many people know he knows many of the current players and how things work. 

      Also since Kobe has retired, EVERYONE calls him. It's like he is supposed to be a 24 hour hotline despite having a newborn baby.



      Magic Johnson has pretty much quieted down since taking the job (unlike the orange clown that he was initially compared to). He still tweets, but he don't do the ridiculous 'omg look at this funny stuff' type posts that everyone was laughing at. 


      Last year, they attached both Russell Westbrook and Durant's names to L.A. even though there was no reports that either of them visited the Lakers. I think the media gets this idea cause L.A. is a big market and is a huge spot for rumors. The reports were definitely false with Westbrook, he was never leaving OKC. 


      So far, PG is the only one who's rumors have had some truth to them. The rest of them sound crazy. 


      I wish they would stop bringing Kobe into EVERYTHING and just let the guy enjoy retirement, but it's never going to stop. Kobe blinks or shaves his face, and it would become news. 


      Kobe talks to IT from where I read, he's giving him hints on his shots and helping him. He's also talked to Leonard in San Antonio, and given him advice (Leonard looks up to him as his hero). If Luke Walton struggles as a coach, they'll be talking about hiring Kobe to replace him (I don't want this to happen cause I like Luke and there were times this year that the Lakers looked like they had some juice in them with good play making) 



      Not sure I believe Lebron would call KG to give him a bench role. But it did work with Ray Allan so worth a shot? In that case can we get KG and Kobe and Paul Pierce to join the Cavs for the finals?


      Paul Pierce omg. lmao He and Rondo threw that big fit and are still to this day complaining about Ray Allen joining the Heat. Don't know if Pierce ever would, but LeBron did befriend Ray Allen and Pat Riley brought him to Miami. He was an essential player when it came to their Finals against San Antonio (the one they won, he was too old and injured in the rematch). 



      Kawhi Leonard is awesome though. I can't wait till he craps on the Warriors.



      I hope this happens. 



      The Warriors are beatable. Problem is, they get banged up team after banged up team. I can't remember the last time they played a 100% healthy team, besides the Cavs in the Finals. 



      I'm telling you too, Durant is NOT the antidote against LeBron. I went back and re-watched the OKC/Miami Finals recently, and Durant looks so clueless in that series guarding LeBron. LeBron was not scared of him at all to shoot over him, he even hit 3's with Durant guarding him. 


      I don't even have to say this though, cause people have been saying this for years how Durant is a choker and how LeBron owns him. And the Warriors are tainted chokers too from last year. Never forget, their lone championship, they needed 6 freaking games to get past a bruised and injury riddled Cavs team where LeBron was taking them to OT games all by himself and with Mike Brown as head coach.


      I'm hoping Mike Brown screws the Warriors royally. He's a horrible coach.  




    4. Synthetic




      I didn't really sleep yet. I just laid down though for a while. I feel like the aazz factory. Is it me or are the Spurs better without Tony Parker? I really don't know. He is out for the postseason but I remember Spurs fans saying for years that Parker was on the decline. I also don't really know who they are using to replace him either right now.


      I would be on cloud 9 if San Antonio knocks out the Warriors. It would be hilarious...



      I don't want the Warriors in the Finals cause it's a trend that there has never been a 3-peat of the same teams matched up. I'd like that for that trend to remain unbroken. Everyone expected the Cavs to go down before reaching the Finals, but I just don't see it. If there is anything LeBron has taught us the past several years is that he WILL show up in the postseason. 


      I wish Houston had to play Golden State cause I know they would at least beat them up before losing. Curry is already getting muscle strains and they're fearing injuries. He's an injury prone player IMO. 

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