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  1. Lebron continues his journey of domination soon vs. a team that everyone says is geared up with "Lebron stoppers." Can Lebron continue to soar and slay all the so called "Lebron stoppers?" Stay tuned. Can anyone realistically in the world even stop let alone slow down Lebron James?


    We have a real shot now at getting Cavs/Celtics. YES PLEASE.





    The OT called it too with Lebanon followed by Isaiah. 

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    2. Jules


      One more thing tonight before I sleep since I keep looking stuff up.


      The Iverson/IT comparison is DEAD ON.






      Both small guys, both powerhouse scorers.


      Barkley also commented on how the Wizards don't know how to guard IT and put these slow big guys on him all the time. If you notice, IT did not do as well vs. Chicago.



      LeBron did say recently he enjoys road playoff games and with higher stakes. Both his Miami Heat rings came with major road wins against OKC and San Antonio. I'd say the OKC Finals it didn't even matter who had home court cause the Heat blew them out on the road. 


      Thats my kinda man.


      I am telling you though, Boston can't matchup with Cleveland no matter what the Boston wagon now is saying. Cavs beat them in 5, or 6 if Boston is lucky.


      I been so worked up tonight o this stuff, so worked up. 

    3. Jules


      I am done though, I just got so worked up tonight. lmao 


      And also the stupid aazz Warriors were on. Just GO AWAY. Give me Houston.

    4. Jules


      This is it for tonight, promise. I am a spaz tonight online.


      You got to see this. lmao 


      This kid is TOO adorable.


      Someday we get Lebron 2.0. lmao Haters be tortured forever. lmao 



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