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  1. Lebron continues his journey of domination soon vs. a team that everyone says is geared up with "Lebron stoppers." Can Lebron continue to soar and slay all the so called "Lebron stoppers?" Stay tuned. Can anyone realistically in the world even stop let alone slow down Lebron James?


    We have a real shot now at getting Cavs/Celtics. YES PLEASE.





    The OT called it too with Lebanon followed by Isaiah. 

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    2. Jules


      Oh and Lebron's son being watched by nervous dad lmao 



    3. Jules


      OMG, it's the end of the third and the Cavs are ahead by well 20 something points. And Lebron is MAD AS HELL. He is stealing the ball and dunking it and just like MAD.




      Durant needs to come up with some excuses to miss the finals IMO if we get that finals since Lebron will want to tear him up.

    4. Synthetic



      That was hilarious last night. i was laying down and just laughing my head off. lmao


      LeBron stole the ball at the end like 3 times in a row. That alley op from Kyrie to LeBron was a work of art. 


      Can't believe people seriously thought the Cavs would have issues with this Raptors team. They play like they're scared. 



      Looks like before Kobe owned Iverson though, the Lakers did have one game where AI went off against him I saw looking some things up. But, Kobe did say Iverson helped him become a better defensive player early in this video, just the very beginning is Kobe speaking.


      Judging by the footage, that was before Phil Jackson showed up (I can tell by the throwback jerseys. They changed their uniforms the year Phil got there). It was Phil's idea to lock Kobe on Iverson when they played the Sixers going into that Finals and the infamous game where Kobe held him to 0 points in the second half. 




      Durant needs to come up with some excuses to miss the finals IMO if we get that finals since Lebron will want to tear him up.


      Oh, you can believe the haters already have excuses ready to go.....



      First off, they'll claim it's "rigged". You can bank on that one. LeBron haters always claim it's rigged when he beats whatever team they root for. 



      I'm really not scared of Durant. I've noticed for years that LeBron basically owns him when they play. Durant is also a pretty lazy defender at times. Just pull up the OKC/Miami Finals and see that. Everyone ripped Russell Westbrook for that series, but Durant was just as guilty of poor defense. Durant and Westbrook deserved each other, cause they had the same weaknesses - crappy defense, ball hog moments, and big turnover problems. 


      GSW even plays better without Durant. It's when they don't have Steph or Klay or even Draymond Green that they look off. Durant is just a luxury piece who went there cause he's a coward about facing them again in the playoffs. This team went on a 14-0 run without Durant. That says it all, they don't need him. 

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