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  1. Saints fans complain about drafting an OL with the 32nd pick, because ya know, when the quarterback takes big hits and gets hurt behind a line that has been in decay for 4 years now, then it's a problem. 

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    2. Jules


      Falcons really want to improve that crappy D from the SB. Problem is why don't they improve their crappy coaching and playcalling? If they don't improve the basic things like how to hold a lead when up by 100 points then whats the point?


      I told you for weeks and months to be optimistic about the Saints!



      I gotta go through the list of what everyone drafted. I am painfully behind and about to take a benadryl so I will be in la la land soon tonight.

    3. Synthetic


      Hope benadryl don't give you bad nightmares...it's why I have stopped taking it. 


      I don't know if it's a testament to NE being beaten by the same formula or if the Falcons truly got lucky to have their defense perform at such a high level in the SB. They were the 27th ranked defense and made NE look like garbage for 3 quarters of that game. 


      People will study that SB forever, cause it threw all the odds out the window. The stats didn't even matter, a horrible defense made a top ranked offense look useless in that game. That's not even counting all the odds against NE to come back and win due to the Falcons poor coaching.

    4. teganslaw


      It looks like the Saints are getting Drew Brees plenty of weapons. They should be much improved this season.

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