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  1. Hoping the "you know what" factory can hold on and win this game. But, I have to say, last year the Cavs also struggled a ton to get by games like the ones they had vs. Detroit.

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    2. Synthetic



      I'm sure the C's wish they had a Kevin Love type star after tonight...I'm starting to think they're screwed. 

    3. Jules


      Oh they ARE screwed in Boston. I am kinda lost though to how a team with Wade/Butler/Rondo is only the 8th seed?


      And how the hell did the Celtics get the first seed when their best player is only 5'9? Well the Cavs didn't want the first seed since IMO they hoped for the Pacers since the Pacers despite having talent like Paul George, ALWAYS blow it vs. them.

    4. Jules


      The Celtics need a big guy who can shoot the damn ball. But, those can be tough to find that are at an elite level.


      Everyone wants a Lebron or Durant but those are rare to come by.


      And the dude in my avatar is tough to come by too who was a 6'6 BEAST. A ball hog but a BEAST. A beautiful beast.


      Celtics need a Paul George type.

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