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  1. Poor Miami Heat, so close yet so far. Sigh.......


    Okay so we got Celtics hosting the Bulls, fun series. Often Boston did get Wade when the Big 3 where there too. One good thing for Boston is that they get to avoid Toronto until the eastern conference finals should they make it that far.


    As for the aazz factor, not sure who played tonight but of course they lost. Although they do host the Pacers who they should beat IMO unless they blow it.


    In the west, we are clearly Portland trailblazers fans at the moment. ;)  Although thats a long shot with a 41-40 team. Sigh.

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    2. Jules


      I am so lost on the Cavs, like completely lost. 


      BTW the Colts signed some run stopping DT from the Giants that was apparently the best DT on the market. This is our major offseason splash.


      Hmmm..........you mean we MIGHT stop the run next year?-omg-

    3. Jules



      The Cavs are doomed. If someone is into spiritual nonsense, they probably believe they're 'cursed' or something after Bogut broke his leg in less than 5 minutes in his first game with them. 


      Bogut pretty much died a few minutes after making his season debut with the Cavs. And he would have been a big help too. Damn..........

    4. Jules


      But, no worries. We have Kyle Korver to save the postseason.





      I think he looks like a pervert.

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