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  1. Indie Rockers: Metric is a great band. Listening to their 2009 album 'Fantasies' for the first time in some years. 


    These Canadian rockers are great, and Emily Haines has the voice of an angel. Hearing her voice years ago was what originally drew me to this band to sit down with a number of their albums. 


    The ballad 'Collect Call' is my favorite song from this record. (Wish they did more ballads like this, cause it tends to show the strength of Haines' voice) 




    Love this cute rocker too with the goofy lyrics: "Who would you rather be; the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?" 




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    2. Jules



      and Emily Haines has the voice of an angel.


      She does kinda, you are right. It is kind of this innocent angelic sound.But I just have listened to one song so far.

    3. Synthetic



      Indie bands are usually a hit and miss. Many of them tend to be hipster junk or loud, noisy grunge nostalgia. 'Metric' has a more civilized sound, great production and all around very well organized. 


      Also helps that Emily Haines is a terrific singer. I love her voice!

    4. Jules


      I have never been too familiar with Indie bands. Like you said a ton of it is hipster junk or some I have listened to sound like Nirvana clones like they are trying to sound like the album "Bleach" from their garages. lmao 


      This girl is pretty good, Emily Haines. Very pretty sincere voice.

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