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  1. Just on for a few minutes but I wanted to say I caught the mouse!!!!!!! Little jerk waited till I went to bed and then climbed into a trap for that delicious peanut butter and died. I heard the snap sound from a few rooms away. So it's over and done with. The pesky domestic terrorist that was in my home is now obsolete and his remains lie in the trash outside.


    Life can now continue as normal now for everyone again, so carry on.......


    I NEED a cat who does mice so bad. 



    1. Jules


      He even left a few mouse droppings. What nerve......

    2. Synthetic



      Peanut butter traps definitely work! I've used them before, put them on the glue traps and they'll get stuck on them. I never tried a snapping mouse trap, always afraid that I would accidentally injure myself with it. 


      My old cat Spot would've killed it for you. lmao But at the cost of a very gruesome scene that could be disgusting to clean up. 


      Male cats raised around other cats rarely ever become hunter/killer types, but the females do. Hate to say it, but most male cats literally are useless for situations like that (unless it's a male cat like Spot who was raised around dogs and thought he was one of them).Female cats tend to be more effective at killing stuff for some reason. 

    3. Jules


      Kansas played like a group of dead mice tonight.


      This had to be a sign.....


      Ugh. UGH.

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