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  1. The NFC South is the first division since the realignment in 2002 to have all four teams reach the Super Bowl. 


    But I'm sure come 2017 season, we'll be told how this the "worst division" in the league for another year - All four teams have made the SB, with Carolina making it twice, two of them have won Super Bowls (2002 Tampa, 2009 New Orleans).  Since 2002, there has only been one team win it back to back and that was Carolina in 2013-2015. Beyond that, every year has had a different division winner and the divisional match ups can be incredibly unpredictable. 


    The only other division with the same number of success has been the NFC West who has sent 3 teams to the SB (and the Rams made it in 2001 the last year before the realignment) 


    But yeah! Worst division in football! 

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    2. Jules


      I am fine, just had a touch of the flu that passes over this time of year. Needed tons of sleep.


      Gavin is dead.





      Horrible. Just horrible.

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Man that is horrible! I just woke up, had to lay down for a while. Getting ready to go to the Threads.

    4. Jules


      Yeah this is so sad. I am going to log off eventually since I am just kinda numbed down today from reading about Gavin. I knew he had health problems but his condition was much worse then we even knew about. 



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