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    Saints finished 4-0 against the NFC West. If someone had told me this back during the summer, i would have guessed they were going to win the division. 

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    2. Jules


      No way, the Jags only show up for the Colts. They live for us.


    3. Synthetic




       feel your pain, if someone would've told me the Colts would be 5-4 outside of the Division up to this point before the season started I would've laughed and took it. I would've thought winning the AFC South would've been a no brainer. Colts are 2-3 in the Division 


      I think I was the main one on here who believed the Colts would be 7-9 this year....I put them on level with the Saints, cause it's pretty much the same thing. You have a quarterback and a receiver who are pretty much the entire offense, and then no defense just like us, and a vastly improving bad division. The Saints time is long gone. Tampa Bay is the young team of the South to take over, just as Tennessee is gearing up to become a sledgehammer in the future. Atlanta and Carolina will always be the mediocre teams that have winning seasons from time to time. 



      No way, the Jags only show up for the Colts. They live for us.


      They are your Bucs. When the Bucs are a dumpster fire, they still beat the Saints. That one game in the dome is their Super Bowl every year when they are bad. Split with Tampa Bay 1-1 between 2008 to 2011. It seems weird when we don't split with them since it's a regular occurrence. 

    4. Synthetic



      Saints 4-0 vs the NFC West, but 1-3 vs the AFC West. 





      If there is one win I would trade for anything this year, it's the stupid Broncos. We had them beat. Brees BEST GAME of the year. Overcame two nasty tipped balls for interceptions, and in the 3rd quarter, he went a total 12 for 12, zero incompletions as he walked down the field and put points on the board. 


      We lose the game to a blocked extra point, and where the Denver return man clearly stepped out of bounds, but oh it's the Broncos! Give them a free win anyway. God I hate Denver so much!! And that overrated defense plays more dirtier when they get frustrated. They couldn't stop Brees, so out come the face masks and the late hits. But I'd trade any win this year just to get that one. 

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