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  1. A Star Wars fan film to celebrate the premier of Rogue One  'Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade' 



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    2. southwest1


      The small talk banter between Chewy & Han after the wookie is released from confinement is awesome like 2 best friends who pretend to get on each other nerves but would do anything to save the other 1 if he had to. 


      That's why I love that scene in Empire Strikes Back just before Han is frozen in carbonite . A lot of people focus on Solo's line to Leah "I know" regarding her love for Han, which is funny. However, what resonates with me in that scene is Han telling Chewy "You have to take care of the Princess now. There will be another time [when we fight back] okay." 


      Han the macho guy shares a brief tender moment with Chewbacca just before handcuffs get placed on him where the audience can feel the devotion Solo has to Chewy that goes deeper than a best friend. It's a brotherhood man & both Han & Chewy would do anything to protect the other one. When Chewy moans after Han is frozen, we feel his pain as an audience. 


      Your Star Wars fan film briefly tapped into that devotion to the other one. When Han & Chewy are walking off saying "lets go get the Millennium Falcon back" I laughed. 


      Chewy isn't just some loyal sidekick or pet. He's family & a brother from another mother to Solo. He's an equal in Han's eyes. Although Solo would never say it out loud, Chewy means more to him than loot, money, adventure, loose women, his ship, or his own safety. 


      Not enough writers focus their attention on the dynamic between Han Solo & Chewbacca in my estimation. 

    3. Synthetic



      When I seen this video, I was so impressed with the actor playing Han. He nails the body language, the facial expression, the snarky smart butt style of his speech and pretty much everything. There is a true sense of love for the character and Star Wars in general within that video. 


      I especially love when he points his finger and says "now, we made a deal!" That is sooooooo Harrison Ford. The actor playing him in this video definitely did his home work and studied that stuff to nail it down to a T. 



      In love with Star Wars right now, I feel like my childhood has been resurrected and with the erasing of the terrible prequels. Rogue One was awesome, it was so much better than the Force Awakens. 

    4. southwest1


      Well said Bogie. The guy playing Solo in that clip does do a marvelous job & encapsulating his gambling/risk taking persona down as well as honoring a gentlemen's agreement between thieves & smugglers to a T my friend. 


      I trust your film critic reviewing skills Bogie. So, a thumbs up from you regarding 'Rogue One' means a lot & it carries considerable weight to me. It sounds like the plot represents something new, fresh, & original for once. Sweet! 

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