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  1. The ESPN Playoff machine is here!



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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      *listen = last year, not sure how that typo happened??

    3. Synthetic



      538 is a great source for sports predictions and their data with percentages and statistics. 


      I give Neil Paine HUGE credit too cause he was the only person all last year who pointed out how weak Carolina was on a historical basis. His article about the Panthers being the worst team ever to reach 11-0, turned out to be totally 100% true once they got to the Super Bowl. That article was spot on and it was written before they went 15-1, it provided the sense of doubt and the fact they could truly implode, and that is something everyone else in sports media ignored last year with the Panthers. 



      As for this Sunday, I am not confident this time around Denver might beat NE. I doubt NE wins big though. Just not sure......it's one of those odd places the Pats seem to be unable to function in. Pats may win something like 20-17. Unless Trevor something just decides to go wild all on the Pats and we all go WHOA MAN.



      NE beats them twice last year if the special teams screw ups don't happen in the Brock game, and had the Pats kicked those two field goals instead of going for it in the AFCCG, they would have only been down 1 point and needed a field goal at the end. 


      I don't see NE losing to them this year. It's probably driving them crazy that they choked away two games to them that they should've won (and a potential 5th Super Bowl had they not screwed up the AFCCG). 


      So, so sick of the Broncos. Absolutely nothing redeeming or likable about that team whatsoever. if the Saints defense played the way they do with the dirty hits and viciousness, you would never hear the end of "bounties". In the future, people are going to look back and scratch their head over how Gary Kubiak won a Super Bowl given how bad he is as a head coach. Luckiest coach to win a Super Bowl in the past 10 years. 



      They are due to win in Denver and Denver just doesn't have the same magic they had listen, it's just not having Peyton's experience but their Defense isn't playing like it was last season. It's still a Great Defense but last season it was Top 10 all-time material.


      Peyton was a non-factor to them last year. He had the worst TD/INT ratio of a Super Bowl winning quarterback in NFL history last year. Trevor whatever-his-last-name-is Something would've won it all last year, hell BROCK would've too. Shame 40 year old Favre didn't have Denver's free agent built defense behind him, or he would have retired with that ring #2 he wanted so badly. 


      I don't think they are top 10 all time material honestly. They were a fluke lucky team that won most of their games by the skin of their teeth and never truly dominated like historic defenses do. NE beats them if they don't go for the 4th and goal plays twice. Had Denver failed to get home field advantage last year, they probably don't go that far. Everything had to go right for them last year...I'd take the 2002 Tampa Bay defense over them in a heart beat, and that's a historic defense that seems to get overlooked all the time. 




      I won't be suprised if the Lions lose in NY. Giants are pretty solid at home this year.


      I still maintain the Packers find their way into the playoffs, I might be wrong but well it seems almost odd if they are not there. Pack might be better as a WC though since it means they can avoid the Giants as long as possible. If the Packers manage to win the division and host the Giants in the first round then uh oh........


      Pack needs to win out, and by winning out, they also need Detroit to drop just one game, and then they can tie them at 10-6 if they win out. 


      The problem for Green Bay is that in recent years, they've lost the road games to divisional opponents in week 17. They struggle on the road in that last week against teams in their division and those games are always close. The Packers are going to need to win in Detroit above all else. 




    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      I wont make this into a debate because I know where you stand and you know where I stand but Peyton was a very huge factor in the AFC Title Game vs the Patriots. To say he was a non-factor to why the Broncos won the SB is just completely wrong. His TD/INT ratio has nothing to do with the way he played against the Patriots when it counted most. If he doesn't play and Brock does in that game, Broncos lose and probably lose by at least 10. If anything Brock is also showing how Bad he is this season when it's his team. I could picture Brock being picked in that game and being rattled, BB would've had him rattled in a first career Title Game start. The Texans are winning inspite of him and still not winning much. Yeah they beat the Colts but even according to you the Colts are Average at best and they are actually with a Bad Defense. Peyton played a perfect 1st Half in that game and had 2 TD's early to set the tone. He had 0 INT's and 0 Fumbles in that game as well. Why you and many others don't acknowledge this is puzzling. If you think Brock Osweiler would've beat the Patriots last season then you must not think much of Brady? A Brady led team wasn't losing to a Brock led team in a Title Game situation, just not buying it. Why do you think BB went for it on 4th down instead of kicking FG's in that game? He knew Peyton was on the other side and BB respected him. I also disagree that the 2015 Broncos didn't have a Top 10 Defense of all-time. I didn't say close to best ever or Top 5, but Top 10 yes. I would take the Steel Curtain of 1978, Bears of 1985, Giants of 1986, Ravens of 2000, Bucs of 2002, Seahawks of 2013 over them but other than that I would roll with Von Miller and that Secondary they had last season over anyone else. That is only 6 Defenses I have witnessed better than the 2015 Broncos that I can think of right off hand that won the SB.


        - By the way I respect your opinion but I just disagree with you and gave you my takes on those subjects. I do think the Patriots will beat the Broncos this week and I picked the Broncos to miss the Playoffs before this season if you remember so we will see if I am right with that prediction. I still have to roll with the Packers winning the SB because that was my before season pick, do I think they will? Probably not but that is who I picked. I stuck with the Broncos last season and it paid off so we will see. Packers have to win out to just make the Playoffs but anything is possible with Rodgers.

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