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  1. Cats have 9 lives...always. 

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I feel bad for Dan Marino because he never had a run game. Elway never won it until he got T. Davis. What's funny about Wilt Chamberlain is, he was so much more dominant than Bill Russell but most people rank Russ higher because he beat him a lot in the Finals.

    3. Synthetic



      Marino never had a run game or a defense. The Dolphins defense was ranked in the bottom 10, for most of his career. I think he only ever had a top 10 ranked defense for 4-5 years. Miami went 17 years and only had one running back who rushed over 1,000 yards in Marino's entire career. 


      There is a decent ESPN segment called "Top 5 reasons you can't blame Dan Marino" that goes through the Dolphins draft history for both their defense and running backs, and it presents a great argument as to how the Dolphins totally failed Marino. 


      I don't get how people bash Marino and call him a choker, truly do not. And the Dolphins really had no other Hall of Famers. His best receivers were the Marks; Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, and they are never going to be in the Hall of Fame...He also had Irving Fyar who was a decent receiver, but again, not a Hall of Famer. 

    4. 2006Coltsbestever


      If I was doing an all-time list it would probably look like this:

      1. Jordan

      2. Magic

      3. Kareem

      4. Wilt - I have him 4th, I like Kareem by a hair better at Center.

      5. Bird

      6. Kobe

      7. Shaq - He is better than Russell IMO, more dominant.

      8. Russell - Won 11 Titles!

      9. Duncan - 5 Titles with 1 franchise!

      10. LeBron but not by much over Big-O or Hakeem. It's all opinion but in a nut shell those are probably the best of the best ever. Karl Malone was damn good too but like Marino no Championships. That is how many greats there have been as that is why I have LeBron at 10.


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