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  1. The Force is strong in Dak Prescott

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    2. Synthetic



      Spot was the same, but his big thing was CANNED FOOD. The disgusting, smelly kind too. You could open a can in the kitchen and he memorized the noise. He thought it was a can of cat food. Hilarious at times. 

    3. Jules


      I might head off for the night to try and get some needed sleep. I have to get up real early too.


      I will be back tomorrow night though.


      Your cat stories though made me smile and laugh. lmao So thank you for that.

    4. Synthetic



      I have to go to bed early too, I'm having problems with my nose and throat. I think I may be getting sick. 



      Your cat stories though made me smile and laugh. lmao So thank you for that.



      You're welcome!!!! We need something to make us laugh in dark times. Give me a few days and I will get you some new photos of them too. Wish I could get a photo of one of the cats with my dogs. Be hard to do, they don't lay up together on the couch or bed. 


      Monkey don't sleep in the bed oddly. He likes to sleep behind the television in a little corner. I have no idea why...He's weird. 

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