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  1. The Force is strong in Dak Prescott

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    2. Jules



      I'm having problems with my nose and throat. I think I may be getting sick. 


      I got a bit of a cold now. I think I caught it from going to get the blood test. It's mostly sneezing and being stuffed up. I will live but man lately it's one thing after another. 


      Thank Jehu for highlighter and under eye concealer!!!!




      You're welcome!!!! We need something to make us laugh in dark times. Give me a few days and I will get you some new photos of them too. Wish I could get a photo of one of the cats with my dogs. Be hard to do, they don't lay up together on the couch or bed. 


      Your cats are the best! You got lucky with these gems. Do not forget, when the initial litter was out this year early......I immediately picked out the little white one. :heart:



      Monkey don't sleep in the bed oddly. He likes to sleep behind the television in a little corner. I have no idea why...He's weird. 


      My cat wasn't a bed sleeper either. She preferred to sleep "near you" on like something else, a chair or whatever. And she liked towels a lot to sleep on.




      We need something to make us laugh in dark times



      And now Luck has a concussion and well thats just sad. I knew he might get hurt this year too.


      Sadly I was looking forward to this game vs. the Steelers at home to see Thanksgiving night and it's the backup preparing now.:(

    3. Synthetic



      Wait, Luck ISN'T playing tomorrow against the Steelers? 



      Oh god, you are so screwed. Just our luck. And I WANTED the Colts to win this game, cause it's the perfect time to deliver a killshot to the Steelers and end us of getting them in the playoffs. 

    4. Synthetic



      Ugh, you were right. The back up with the Lord of the Rings sounding name is going to start. 


      Damn this sucks. 

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