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  1. The Jaguars under Bradley offer a serious argument if they are worse than the Mike Ditka coached Saints. 


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    2. Synthetic



      I like Mr. Crowley for the way it's arranged on guitar. It's a fairly complicated song, and the solo is really unique cause of how layered out it is. I am not big on Ozzy stuff, but I always respected Randy Rhoads incredibly, cause he was a guitar genius. 


      Max Norman the producer for those albums, once said that Rhoads would layer his own solos in the studio by himself with no help, and he had never seen another guitar player as smart as him in the studio. Most solos in metal a lot of times are done on "takes" and crafted together, but not the solos on the Ozzy albums with Rhoads. They're layered out into 3 separate tracks of guitars, and he often is using two different guitars when he does this (his tremolo equipped V and the Les Paul)  


      This kid I talk to is trying to nail the "Les Paul tone" he had, and I had to explain to him how all that is layered out and that's why the guitar tone changes a bit in the solos, and that's not always a Les Paul what you're hearing on the record. 

    3. Synthetic




      Last thing tonight, I saw Jerry Jones on tv and he is GLOWING. The man is positively in old rich white male euphoria with this win streak and his new prized baby QB.


      Jerry Jones is the arch-type, rich white owner, with an ego, I can't stand him. 


      Wait till Dallas loses again though, he is going to be on the sidelines going nuts...I watched some old Cowboys games from 1992 over the summer, and he was even on the sidelines going nuts back then when they had close losses. No wonder Jimmy Johnson left, he probably put up with so much crap from him. 

    4. Synthetic



      I hate to say this but Dallas IS due to reach another SB. They're long overdue. Historically, they have never went a drought like this, but no way would I pick them to win it. They probably could take advantage of a weak NFC team but their defense would be their death for a deep playoff run, and I'm not a firm believer in a rookie QB winning it all.


      I think Kurt Warner is the only "first year" QB to ever win a Super Bowl and I would not even say that, cause he played 4 or 5 years in the arena league and was quite experienced at 29 years old. 

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