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  1. Playing a DOOM marathon for Halloween tonight. 

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    2. Jules


      Well I didn't want to get into it, but this is the brand you have to buy at the mall or order online. It's more pricey but it's the best option for money when it comes to higher end products. And it's all 100% fragrance free.




      Clinique is love. lmao I splurge sometimes on it.


      You cannot buy this in a store unless it's a department store.


      But, at that link you can get all kinds of free gifts too.



      This is Christmas stuff kinda worthy gifts.



      Ok I will stop. lmao 

    3. Synthetic



      I always get a lot of Axe and shaving cream for Christmas. I can't complain, still have razor sets that have been good since last Christmas, just with a routine maintenance. lmao


      I need some hair cutting scissors for Christmas this year, probably going to ask for that from one of my relatives so I can cut my own hair. 

    4. Jules


      Yeah you can cut your hair but be careful since you want it even in the back and stuff too. Maybe get some help from your mom or sister.


      I gotta run, time to sleep soon.


      Onto game 7 we go......*gulp* This is a beat down tonight at the moment.



      Good night!

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