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  1. Congrats on the big win!!!!



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    2. Jules


      I have to go back and finish our thread. 


      I been zoning out the last hour. Thank you though for sitting here through this game with me tonight.

    3. Synthetic



      Dak showed up today for his hero....


      Meanwhile, Rodgers just proved to everyone like me who has been saying it for years, that he's never going to become "better than Favre" like people kept arguing for years. Rodgers isn't even half as good as Favre was in the 90's. 


      Kinda wish I had watched the GB game, we got Atlanta/Seattle locally. Troy Aikman and Favre both were in the booth - throwback 90's nostalgia of old QB greats together in the booth commentating. 



      I do feel terrible the Colts lost though, it's like if the Saints would have lost after having that huge lead. It just is humiliating. 





    4. Jules


      It is shocking since I don't even know what happened.......I was not even paying attention. And like I knew it was bad we only had 23 points.  


      I feel like a Browns fan.

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