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  1. Dental surgery is a pain...happy days are almost here again. 

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    2. Synthetic




      It's like me always trying to make Alex Smith happen when it can't happen. But, I still try to make it happen.


      But, I would rather be an Alex Smith apologist then an Adam Lambert fan.



      Alex Smith needs Jim Harbaugh or some other awesome QB friendly coach that can work their magic on him and take advantage of his skill set. I like Andy Reid, but Smith is just not a QB that Reid can work with. Reid needs someone like McNabb or Vick who has a strong arm and is mobile in the pocket, Smith has neither of these things. 


      Adam Lambert on the other hand, needs some awesome producer. And that's assuming, he can let his ego go for a sessions and actually listen to a producer that tells him that he sings out of key and is way off tempo with his screaming nonsense. Oh yeah, and the producer is probably going to tell him to knock it off with the bad, cheesy covers. Doubt he would listen to that either. 



      lmaolmao I just compared the two, blame it on the meds for my last surgery lmao



      Seriously speaking though, Alex Smith does deserve a bit of empathy cause Harbaugh knew what he was doing with him. I like Andy Reid as a coach, but it's pretty clear that Smith is not his type of QB. 


      Reid likes QB's with cannon arms and mobility in the pocket. It's not going to happen, but if it was possible, I think Reid's new QB would be Dak Prescott. He has the pocket awareness and mobility that Reid preferred out of his QB's, and he has a canon arm. Reid would work wonders with him. 

    3. Jules


      LOL I had forgotten about this status. lmao 


      I can't believe somehow I am comparing Alex Smith to Lambert or did and you went off on it too. lmao 



      Alex Smith is better though. Sadly yes with Harbaugh.......he had a MUCH better shot since Jim Harbaugh is the God of football coaching. lmao 

    4. southwest1


      I hope you are recovering smoothly from surgery nicely Bogie. Hang in there my friend. 

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