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    Mini NES, I want this bad....Sadly, I own at least half the games it comes with. 



    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Tecmo Superbowl which came out in 1991 is my favorite football game on Nintendo. It was the 2nd Tecmo game. That game had all the teams and full rosters where you could play seasons and the Computer AI was Great as well. I used to get with a couple of other friends and we would pick bad teams and play whole seasons over a whole weekend. The Colts and Patriots both stunk on that game so they were always fun teams to pick back then. Bills and Giants were awesome! I was the Bills and went undefeated with them one season and won the SB but it wasn't easy, the computer gave me fits during that Playoff run. Oilers were really Good too with Moon on that game. It was basically the 1990 teams so it was the season Bills/Giants made the SB. I went undefeated with the Oilers as well at 16-0 but lost in the Playoffs.

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