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    2. Synthetic



      I think my brain can't handle it anymore after tonight's debate crap show. :argh:


      It took Kaine until the very end to start bringing up the history of homophobia and anti-women's rights and outright bigotry of Pence and Trump, when he should've been nailing them from the very beginning, not waiting until the final 20 minutes. Ughhhhhh, I feel like this was screwed up from the get go. 


      I'd rather discuss Stone Hands right now than what I just witnessed. Holy crap that was bad. Kaine IMO messed this up. 

    3. Jules


      I am kinda sick so I forgot about the debate. lmao  Ugh. Heading to bed soon. I was watching preseason NBA. lmao Knicks and Rockets......



      Okay......Stone Hands for President!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Synthetic



      The good news about the debate - it wasn't good enough to give Trump a jump in polls. Trump pretty much has killed any opportunity he's had of making this a close race, when he bashed soldiers with PTSD and mental problems. And Joe Biden slammed him for it. Kaine should've been doing that in the debates, but I do expect Hillary to bring it up in the next debate. 

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