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  1. Been watching the Saints. This game is bizarre so far. Hope the Saints pull it out but so far it looks like it will be a long tough game.


    Okay ignore my previous statuses, I messed up big time with these and my computer froze.

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    2. Synthetic



      I use Chrome too, absolutely love it. it's the fastest browser out there. 


      The only downside of Chrome is that it often eats up performance memory. When you have been online for hours and pull up the Task Bar and look at the CPU and all what's running, sometimes Chrome will suck up a bunch of the memory usage. It just happens, it's how Chrome works. 


      I don't use Firefox even though it's the easiest on memory, but Firefox tends to get slow on me and I can't properly run my add-ons like I can on Chrome. 

    3. Jules


      I like Chrome as well and use it I had internet explorer years ago and it was crappy at times.


      I got slowed down tonight looking up political crap. Which means I have to run a virus scan from a few crappy sites.


      I am almost done with my message but you don't have to reply tonight if you don't want to.



      I am exhausted now. I swear watching the Saints is like climbing into a washing machine and going through one cycle and then getting out all disheveled. This team is tiring. lmao 


      They are easier to watch and follow on game center on NFL.com where they should just type "Saints just gave up BIG AZZZ play.......". 



      Good night Gary!


      Good night Monkey and feel better!

    4. Jules


      Running a virus scan soon and going to bed.


      I was able to do a message though with no problems luckily this time around.


      Interesting night to say the least!!!!!!

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