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  1. Been watching the Saints. This game is bizarre so far. Hope the Saints pull it out but so far it looks like it will be a long tough game.


    Okay ignore my previous statuses, I messed up big time with these and my computer froze.

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    2. Synthetic




      I am exhausted now. I swear watching the Saints is like climbing into a washing machine and going through one cycle and then getting out all disheveled. This team is tiring. lmao 


      They are easier to watch and follow on game center on NFL.com where they should just type "Saints just gave up BIG AZZZ play.......". 


      That is precisely accurate how I feel. Saints games have become so EXHAUSTING...Gone are the days that we were a "fun team" to watch. The fun days were when Brees could go all Dan Marino out there with big numbers and we actually win games, and not be stuck watching them lose in bad ways. 


      I can't get over looking at Brees numbers to this game and the fact we lost so bad. Even though he had a pick, I do not want to harshly criticize him here, cause he did show up and try to win. 


      I'm getting some rest since the cold meds are knocking me out, have a good night Jules! I'll be around tomorrow evening 



    3. Synthetic



      I am sick as hell tonight...might be tomorrow or so before I can properly do replies and such...My whole body is aching and I've barely been able to sit around and enjoy this day. Seems I can never stay a few weeks without getting a bad sickness. 

    4. Jules


      No problem, rest up. I won't deduct your reply payment if it's not good enough. ;) 


      I hope you feel better, you been through the mill this year for sure.



      I am going to bed soon myself but I been up LATE lately. And I been a mad chatterbox so you can ignore some of it. I been chatty alllllllllllllllllllll week.





      Sent it to Monkey a few days ago but now your turn.



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