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  1. I stayed up with my back and shoulder killing me to watch this????



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    2. Jules


      Okay you go get some rest. I am going to go ramble on a bit in the thread.


      Yeah tonight was HILARIOUS. lmao 



      Good Night!!!!

    3. Jules


      I can't shut up so I need to keep going.


      Night G.

    4. Synthetic


      Jim Bob Cooter is for real. Since he has taken over as coordinator, Detroit is like 8-3. They would be 9-2 if it were not for the lucky Rodgers hail mary in a game that they should've won. 



      Have a good night. I have been distracted this week big time with this sports blog site I found that has a ton of historical NFL stuff. I might post some links on this board, cause there is some very interesting articles and this person has done a lot of homework on old teams. Most of it covers a period from 1982 up to about 1995.

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