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  1. Internet connection issues are the worst thing to deal with besides back pain...No connection to desktop until I can buy a cord to replace the broken one that went out saturday. I miss my computer

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I almost had the balls to pick the Saints to win the NFC South. I may have should.

    3. Synthetic


      LeBron proved all his haters,doubters and critics wrong...He finally got the respect he's deserved. I will never get why people hate that man so much. He broke down crying like a baby when the buzzer hit. That championship meant more to him than anything and I got chill bumps when he said "Cleveland this is for you!". I hated LeBron for years but I learned a valuable lesson in sports when Favre retired and that is that we need to ENJOY these guys while we have them cause they won't be around forever. Instead of people nitpicking them to death, they need to just enjoy the ride cause once they're gone, they're gone forever


      At the doctor's office today, there was a kid there telling me and another person about basketball and he kept saying "Bron James is my favorite player!". He was talking so fast, it was hilarious he was saying 'Bron' instead of LeBron and adorable. I told the kid I liked LeBron too and he tells me "he can do everything! He blocks, he scores, he can dunk!". Kids can be so funny in times. 

    4. Jules


      I can't wait for basketball myself to begin again. Really looking forward to it.


      I am a bit worried now, my cousin David picked the Lions for Sunday. Thats often a bad sign.....he is pretty good at predictions even though he is a m*ron. I hope he is wrong but these are also picks against the spread so it means the Colts can win by 1 to 3 points and the Lions still won and covered.


      Oh btw, Cam did get beat the hell up last night badly. I hate to admit that since I was so worked up and mad but yeah he got hit in the head too.


      Oh and I think David picked the Saints to beat the Raiders, in his group they were only 1 point faves.

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