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    With NFL season just 1 week away, I'm still heavily anticipating the NBA season beginning, and watching Cleveland drop that banner on opening week. 

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    2. Jules


      Bogie showed me a good long video about the zone defense and comparing it to the old era.


      I have to say after seeing this video, I think even more highly now of guys like Lebron and Kobe then ever before if that was even possible for me.



    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      Yeah throughout most of the Kobe era you could play Zone Defense which means doubling and tripling teaming a player was legal. Back when Jordan played in his prime you could only double or triple team for a couple of seconds, any longer it was considered Illegal Defense and a Technical Foul. The NBA was more physical when Jordan, Magic, and Bird played in their prime years but I think it has been tougher for a player to dominate a game pretty much throughout the Kobe era because of Zone being allowed. Regarding the Warriors, them signing Durant isn't fair. They have great enough Coaching IMO to avoid chemistry issues, Kerr will figure it out. Curry's minutes will be watched this upcoming season as well because they now have Durant. The Spurs are really the only team that maybe can give them a scare in the West IMO. Clippers choke every season and cant even get out of the 1st Round most of the time and the Blazers aren't ready for the bigtime. You cant hate the Warriors all you want like I do the Patriots but unfortunately they will be great again.

    4. Jules


      I always knew about the rule changes on defense, but seeing direct comparisons from now to then was kinda mind boggling to me. I mean in a video with it all broken down so easily to see.


      It was more physical then, but I think I might prefer it now since it has a more fluid pace with more passing and just seems more like you have to think on the court and not just plow around.


      Kobe IMO might be the best vs. the zone defense we have seen, maybe. There are several out there but he really peaked in that era. The Lakers didn't seem to need Shaq as much after the rule changes if you ask me and the dominant big man became more neutralized a bit.


      And after thinking about this, with the rule changes......it is tough to compare now to then with eras too. 



      Oh I know the Warriors won't go away lol. I just am curious to see how they gel and also how this all kinda operates, there is only one ball on the court. lmao  Curry has to stay healthy too but then again I still think they were slightly worried about his injuries too and feel they need more scoring at times. 


      People forget too the Durant contract I think is only two years and I think he can even leave after a year if something happened. 

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