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  1. Dak will be starting for Dallas, I wish him the best. The kid looks amazing, and hopefully he feels he can take the empire all by himself. 



    1. Jules


      I feel bad for Romo, I had no idea this was so serious an injury. He is 36 years old now too, might be time to think of retirement? One drive in preseason and he is hurt again.


      But, the new kid looks good, maybe it is time......I will pull for the Cowboys but I always have this feeling Jerry Jones will help mess it up.


      I hear they are not even counting Romo back for a return later. 






      The new BOSS.

    2. Synthetic



      Given that I live with conditions that put me in the pain that Romo is going through, I definitely feel bad for him. Chronic back pains are no joke at all, and they get worse the older you get. Romo is just a couple years older than me, and I'm sure he is also thinking about when he reaches his 40's and how it's going to be. 


      Also blame Jerry Jones. He is the one who threw Romo out there coming off an injury when they had absolutely no chance of making the playoffs, and of all teams to throw him up against, CAROLINA who was 11-0 at the time is who ended his year. 

    3. Jules


      Romo is in a back brace and he has a broken bone in his neck and the team still is not giving up him coming back later. Sigh......

      He got hurt last year twice and gets hurt in his first preseason drive. Very sad stuff. And he has been hurt in the past before too as we know.


      I hope Dak is ready, he looked good in preseason so far but he is so young and now he has Cowboys nation wanting him to become the next big thing.


      I was looking for a suprise NFC team, perhaps it can be the Cowboys with Dak instead of the Rams with Goff? Rams look to have some issues on offense big time still. And I have had no idea who to pick to win the NFC East.


      Rams are planning to start Case Keenum again week 1 and thats a good thing for Goff but this hardly spells out PLAYOFFS. And the Rams o line is GARBAGE. Keenum actually almost got hurt vs. Denver in preseason too.

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