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  1. Dak will be starting for Dallas, I wish him the best. The kid looks amazing, and hopefully he feels he can take the empire all by himself. 



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    2. Jules


      Romo is in a back brace and he has a broken bone in his neck and the team still is not giving up him coming back later. Sigh......

      He got hurt last year twice and gets hurt in his first preseason drive. Very sad stuff. And he has been hurt in the past before too as we know.


      I hope Dak is ready, he looked good in preseason so far but he is so young and now he has Cowboys nation wanting him to become the next big thing.


      I was looking for a suprise NFC team, perhaps it can be the Cowboys with Dak instead of the Rams with Goff? Rams look to have some issues on offense big time still. And I have had no idea who to pick to win the NFC East.


      Rams are planning to start Case Keenum again week 1 and thats a good thing for Goff but this hardly spells out PLAYOFFS. And the Rams o line is GARBAGE. Keenum actually almost got hurt vs. Denver in preseason too.

    3. Jules


      I am lost on the NFC East, can the Boys win it? Or is this a dream worth not even trying for?


      And the Vikings are doomed as we called, curse of the Purple 2016.

    4. southwest1


      Sorry to hear that you suffer from Chronic back pain like Tony Romo Bogie. 


      I agree that Dak Prescott is the Cowboys future. I still deplore Dallas as a football team, but Dak is extremely talented as a QB & a nice kid. 


      I love your Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker picture & all, but given my disdain for Dallas in general, I couldn't bring myself to like your 1st post. Sorry my friend. I did like another one though. 

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