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  1. At least one major guitar magazine publisher needs to finally do a break down on David Bowie's guitar players.


    I've wanted to see someone do this for years, but now I'm considering doing it myself on a blog. As far as guitarists are concerned, Bowie is easily the most accomplishing music icon when it comes to guitar players. Who else can say that they managed to convince Nile Rodgers, Robert Fripp, Peter Frampton, and Tony Visconti to play guitar for them? And this is only established guitarists, not counting the ones he founded (Mick Ronson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Alomar). There is no other pop icon or rock star out there that has such wild accomplishments of guitarists on their resume.

    1. Jules


      Good point with the guitar players he had. Most just focus on David Bowie himself (which isn't a bad thing) and ignore the musicianship around him at times that did so much.


      I didn't even know he worked with so many big names.


      Mick Ronson is the name I am most familiar with him concerning Bowie.

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