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  1. Doom 64 EX is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Heavily, heavily underrated gem that is finally playable the way Doom was meant to be played with the mouse and keyboard. 

    1. Jules


      I am a huge fan of sliced bread but this DOOM stuff sounds intriguing.


      DOOM  :Nuke:



    2. Synthetic


      I've been playing DOOM since the 90's (probably longer than I have any other game)....and DOOM 64 is a brilliant game, but was plagued being on a console with a god awful controller that made it difficult to play. DOOM I think, was always meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse. 


      And DOOM 64 scares the living hell out of me even 19 years later. Midway really took advantage of the horror elements of the original and juiced them up, and added a very good ambient/industrial soundtrack to make it a game that gives you the creeps playing in the dark. 




    3. Jules


      I never played DOOM. It sounds scary the way you describe it.



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